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Week One in Review

I don’t know if this semester could be more perfect. I guess I could be in Italy. But as far as US based semesters go, this is definitely the most excited I’ve been.

I’ve only attended all of my classes only once, but I enjoyed them all. The make up of the classes are a nice mix of people I know and love and people I’ve never met.

I’m officially in Cicero (Latin) at Agnes Scott since I didn’t get into Italian at Emory. But that’s okay! Cicero is by far my favorite Roman and I get to have one of my favorite professors for the first time in a language class.

I hate to say this, but how am I already being converted to a Gothic lover? Vasari would be so ashamed of me! But in Age of Cathedrals,  I’m learning that what I love about Renaissance and Baroque art (patronage, political intrigue, men in funny hats) is still happening during the Gothic period, just on a smaller scale and in multiple places, instead of just Rome.

I am so excited about the Renaissance History reading list. It really focuses on primary sources and I am all about Renaissance through Renaissance eyes. And it is pretty cool that I have Renaissance right after Cathedrals and Cicero. Because already in the readings all the Renaissance guys are poo-pooing the Gothic and yelling “CICERO. LET ME LOVE YOU!”*

The only class I am a little wary about is Feminisms and Religion. It is just so big! I don’t mind big classes that much, but the professor seems to want it really to be a discussion based class, as it should be based on the material. However, I am little worried about getting overwhelmed or lost in the conversation.

*Some historical perspective provided by yours truly

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First Week in Review


I love it here. Agnes is absolutely amazing. I won’t bore everyone with orientation overview because it was boring. But I will tell you some highlights!

The Food-Omg, best college food ever. Alice, my adorable roommate, has heard me rave about it. But they have these phenomenal soups. And one day foccacia, mozzarella, and arugela sandwichs! amazing

The people-I love the people I’ve met so much. They are all so different and quirky.

Frozen Yogurt-I forget what the place is called. But there is a delicious froyo place downtown that if I knew about before coming, Agnes would have number 1 a lot sooner.

Classes-Latin 201, American Lit Post 1700, History of Greek Civ, Modern Dance and Mindfulness 101, crazy hard, but crazy fun.

This week we’ll be volunteering tomorrow together as a class. I’m starting my work study job as a Writing Center aide and my first paper on D.H. Lawrence’s opinion of Benjamin Franklin is due on Wednesday!

I feel so collegiate. Like Ali McGraw in Love Story. Except without the unnamed fatal disease.

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First Two Days: Report

So I officially love Agnes Scott, but hate orientation. I want to go to class!

My roommate is like a cooler version of me. Alice is so sweet and nice and super smart. I haven’t really met anyone else who I’m super close with, but I think that will change once classes start. I just hate the act of mingling, learning someone’s name only to forget it.

The room is all decorated with polka dots and blues and green. My classes seem to be locking themselves into place. Latin 201 and Mindfulness 101 for sure still. Possibly American Lit survey, because I have to get it over with sometime or Lyric Poetry. and I really want this Greek Civ. class now after meeting the wonderful Classics Department.

I haven’t had an official meal yet, only like continental breakfast and special meals for the orientation. That starts tomorrow if I manage to not sleep through breakfast. And tomorrow I am going to Tech! To see Megan, Christy and Katelyn, and possibly Jamie Wingo.

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All About Agnes

My future alma mater, Agnes Scott College, is a women’s college in Decatur, GA. I’m planning on majoring in English Lit., and if I can swing it, Classic Languages, but my schedule may be too hard to fit another major in, so I may just minor in it.
I’m so excited about being in Decatur, right near Eddie’s Attic, and near enough to Georgia Tech to be able to visit Christy, Megan and Katelyn. And anyone, please feel free to visit me; I love Decatur already and would love to adventure around with someone. Anyway, the above picture is of the library at Agnes Scott, one of the main reasons I picked Agnes. The lamps are so gorgeous! Even on a completely superficial level Agnes is perfect for me. I cannot imagine going anywhere else.

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