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It is the weekend. Yet somehow, my weekends are usually stressful because I catch up on a lot of work on the weekend.

But I did manage to successfully make something and de-stress! I used the pattern from Little Home Blessings, which was super easy to read and make.  I used size 9/6mm needles, but the pattern is written for a small boy and I tend to knit loose, so if I were a tighter knitter or intending to make a hat for a child, I’d definitely downside to maybe a size 7. I wish I could remember what yarn I used. I just have the really bad tendency to buy yarn and then not use it forever after I roll up into a ball so I usually lose the tags. But I definitely recommend the pattern!

peacock colored hat in the dorm room

I really love knitting to de-stress, especially with bamboo needles which are so smooth. Also when I knit, I make sure to listen to music with super great beats that is still chill like Vampire Weekend or The Decemberists.

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I’m more stressed then every third syllable in Dactylic Hexameter.

And did you know Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds-written in heroic hexameter.

Picture your self in a boat on a river with
tangerine tree-ees and marmalade skii-ii-es.

Ah Wikipedia.
by the way. George is the best Beatle. no way around it.

Nevertheless. This week has made my brain explode. Postmodern poetry in English. Cicero Criticism is Latin. Floor Work in Modern. Thucydides in Greek Civ. And Mindfulness is always stressful [irony?]

But I am suffering through. Still enjoying my classes throughly. I just wish everything wasn’t due/hard at the same time.

Plus I’m having trouble deciding between taking 2 English classes next semester/ 2 Classics classes/ or one of each plus Art History.

This weekend is going to be enjoyable, however. I’m seeing Ethan and John, my adorable, lovely, little brothers, at Ethan’s concert. And i’m brunching with Christy “TT” Keyser, the best friend who gave me my nickname, flippee.!

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