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Short Film Sunday: Confection

One of the first short film that I saw when we got IFC. Very cute.


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Short Film Sunday: The Dot and Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

A classic. Why anthropomorphous abstract shapes so cute?

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Short Film Sunday: French Roast

There are two ways to guarantee I enjoy a movie-put Paul Giamatti or a nun in it.

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Short Film Sunday: Validation

In case anyone was wondering, “What does TJ Thyne do when he isn’t being adorable/paranoid on Bones?” (like I was), well this short film is the answer.

Bordering on a little too sugary sweet, I think just in time the film recognizes its own campiness and decides to soak it in instead of attempting to be serious.

I don’t know if that sentence makes any sense, but the point is, I love this short film. And I think you will too!

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Short Film Sunday: Skhizein

This short film is three things.

1. Cute
2. French
3. Existential
and I don’t really need another reason to like it.

I first saw this short film during a showing of a bunch of award winning short films at Midtown Arts Cinema in Atlanta (an awesome movie theater). I don’t think it was even nominated for the Academy Award that year, but I just love it.

I’m really partial to animated shorts. They can be everything that a live action film is, but more so. The concept of this film wouldn’t work well in live action form, plus in animated form you get to see Henri with big ol’ head looking all endearing.

Skhizein posits the possibility that even if fate, not free will, is the over arching force driving our lives forward, maybe our fates don’t always line up exactly with the fates of the rest of the world.

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