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Week One in Review

I don’t know if this semester could be more perfect. I guess I could be in Italy. But as far as US based semesters go, this is definitely the most excited I’ve been.

I’ve only attended all of my classes only once, but I enjoyed them all. The make up of the classes are a nice mix of people I know and love and people I’ve never met.

I’m officially in Cicero (Latin) at Agnes Scott since I didn’t get into Italian at Emory. But that’s okay! Cicero is by far my favorite Roman and I get to have one of my favorite professors for the first time in a language class.

I hate to say this, but how am I already being converted to a Gothic lover? Vasari would be so ashamed of me! But in Age of Cathedrals,  I’m learning that what I love about Renaissance and Baroque art (patronage, political intrigue, men in funny hats) is still happening during the Gothic period, just on a smaller scale and in multiple places, instead of just Rome.

I am so excited about the Renaissance History reading list. It really focuses on primary sources and I am all about Renaissance through Renaissance eyes. And it is pretty cool that I have Renaissance right after Cathedrals and Cicero. Because already in the readings all the Renaissance guys are poo-pooing the Gothic and yelling “CICERO. LET ME LOVE YOU!”*

The only class I am a little wary about is Feminisms and Religion. It is just so big! I don’t mind big classes that much, but the professor seems to want it really to be a discussion based class, as it should be based on the material. However, I am little worried about getting overwhelmed or lost in the conversation.

*Some historical perspective provided by yours truly

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Expectations and Classes: Fall 2011

I’ve liked this exercise ever since my first year in college, when I mentioned on my blog that I was not too excited about my American Literature class because I hated American Lit. Then it turned out to be on of my favorite classes I’ve taken at Agnes Scott. So here’s a list of my classes for Fall 2011 and what I am expecting to get out of them and enjoy.

ART 312: The Age of Cathedrals-I am a little nervous about this class. It is the first full art history class I’ve taken with the professor who was on sabbatical last year. The combination of a professor I don’t know and a subject I am uncomfortable with (French! Gothic! Architecture!) I am nervous. But I am excited to try something different in art history after all those contemporary classes last year.

HIS 347: Renaissance Italy: Ideas and Culture-So excited! I haven’t gotten the opportunity to take any Renaissance art classes yet, and I wanted to have a least some background before I went to Florence. This is my first 300 level History class so that is a little nerve wracking because I haven’t written a history paper since…junior year of high school. But hopefully my love of the Medici will motivate me to work hard.

REL 224: Feminisms and Religion-This class. I really don’t know anything about it. It is a little about the history of women in religion, as well as applying feminist theory to religions. It fulfills a requirement that I have yet to find a way to fulfill. I am little nervous just because I did not enjoy my last religious studies class, but I am hoping for the best!

Either Italian at Emory or LAT 314: Cicero-I am only going to take one language class this semester. So if I get into Italian at Emory University (we don’t offer it at my school), I will take that. I am excited for either of them. Italian will obviously be a little more useful, considering that I am going to Italy in the spring. But if I have to Cicero, it will be with one of my favorite professors and that is one less Classics course I have to take my senior year to finish my minor.

PED 129: Boot Camp-I signed up for this on a whim. But it is a PE credit, and it is only for two months in the middle of the semester. I just have to get up SUPER early for it. But I am excited! I am trying to run the Thanksgiving Half-Marathon in Atlanta and while I’ve been training a lot over the summer, I think this will help me keep it up until the big race day!

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