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It is the weekend. Yet somehow, my weekends are usually stressful because I catch up on a lot of work on the weekend.

But I did manage to successfully make something and de-stress! I used the pattern from Little Home Blessings, which was super easy to read and make.  I used size 9/6mm needles, but the pattern is written for a small boy and I tend to knit loose, so if I were a tighter knitter or intending to make a hat for a child, I’d definitely downside to maybe a size 7. I wish I could remember what yarn I used. I just have the really bad tendency to buy yarn and then not use it forever after I roll up into a ball so I usually lose the tags. But I definitely recommend the pattern!

peacock colored hat in the dorm room

I really love knitting to de-stress, especially with bamboo needles which are so smooth. Also when I knit, I make sure to listen to music with super great beats that is still chill like Vampire Weekend or The Decemberists.

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knitting in literature

I am a knitter by hobby and profession, occasionally. I’ve sold a few hats to friends and family. But this week’s adventure in yarn is strictly pro bono. My dear little sister is turning twelve and I’ve promised her a hat, scarf and wristlet [“texting gloves” as she calls them, kids these days] forever. But I didn’t want to do a solid color because it would a little matchy-matchy old lady on a sprightly twelve year old. And I thought variegated would suit the simple ribbing hat and scarf I was doing but I wanted to do a cabled wristlet to be more secure on her hands and I think anything that is not tone-on-tone or solid in cabling looks severely jumbled.

So I happened upon this lovely self striping yarn that will make narrow stripes on the hat, thick stripes on the scarf and really chunky, almost just a variant fade on each wristlet.

I’ve been furiously knitting, which I rarely do. I quickly knit, haphazardly knit, and even adeptly knit, but rarely furiously knit. But as I was furiously counting stitches, picking up stitches, realizing I should’ve done a 1×1 rib instead of 2×2 and starting over, I thought about how some of my favorite books feature knitting as a act of a character.

Most famously, the villain of  A Tale of Two Cities, Madame DeFarge, “knits” names of those who she will have killed or led to their death. She creepily echos the Greek image of the Fates spinning life threads only to cut them short.

Knitting’s sinister nature can be more direct too. In The Lorax, the environmental crises is causes by the want for the wool [not to far from “wood”] that some trees provide.

In The Adventures of Homer Price, a woman who knits and collects yarn in a ball arranges a contest between her two suitors and her self to see her has the long ball of yarn. The suitors agree that who loses must step aside for the other to marry the woman. Of course, the woman wins [by unraveling the bottom of her skirt no less!]

Anne of Green Gables in on of her finest and silliest predicaments spills milk I believe, or soup, into a basket of yarn because she was pretending to be a nun in prayer. Ironically, she gets scolded more for pretending to be Catholic than ruining the yarn.

Of course sometimes, knitting is just for amusement, as Mrs. Smith cites in Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

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Bamboo Needles

I had a lovely long weekend with the Kearney girls, especially because of my awesome yarn purchases. (Thank you, momma)

But my best purchase by far was a set of 5.5 mm bamboo double-pointed knitting needles! They are absolutely the best set I’ve had and I am never buying an aluminum knitting needle again.

My main source of complaint with knitting against my fiber art of choice, crocheting, is that the wrist isn’t used enough in the nature of the stiches, though it is obviously should be the joint of choice, as it is the closest.

*This may be my personal knitting style, but hey, I knit like a crocheter.

Aluminum, though slick, always catches the yarn and I have to do this weird elbow chicken moment to release it and by then I’ve usually dropped three stitches. BUT, that’s where bamboo comes in!

They feel amazing in my hands and helped me finish a project I never thought possible for me, an inept round knitter.

A ribbed knitted hat!

Pictures will be up shortly when I finish a few other projects, including a scarf for my mom, and one for Mrs. Lovett, an infinity, mobius scarf that will be for sale on my etsy toppings, and possibly another hat, in yellow and gray stripes, now that I know how to do it! and knitting uses so much less yarn, so bits that I could never make a hat with while crocheting I can now!

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