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I should re name my blog “Miss Woodhouse Goes to College and Never has Time to Do Fun Things (like knit/crochet, blog, color, watch Bones).”

This month has been so crazy. My part time job is starting to get really busy. I feel like I am either going to class, doing homework or catching up on sleep.

So here’s what I’ve been up to.
1. Making lots of money and spending lots of money. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Last year with one super-part time job I felt like I had just enough money to do all the things I wanted to do. And now when one super-part time job and another more time, but still part-time job, I still feel like I am only barely getting by. But I am making like three times as much.

2. Reading about nepotism and popes: Which is just about my favorite thing in the world. Barberini, don’t get cocky though, the Medici still have my Italian heart.

3. Applying for summer jobs

4. Applying for study abroad in Florence!

5. Learning to budget money. Which is becoming a new obsession. I SPENT 50 DOLLARS THIS MONTH ON FAST FOOD. too much money when I am on a dining plan.

6. Reading a lot of Contemporary Art Theory and thinking about Hitchcock and voyeurism. (who am I kidding? I always spend a lot time thinking about Hitchcock and voyeurism. or voyeurism in general. It has become like my go to topic for research papers. Especially in relation to the Catholic Church)

7. Watching a lot of Hitchcock.

8. Being excited and then forlorn about the Phillies. This is honestly probably the number one reason this month has been hard. While a usual 50% of my time is devoted to school and like 25% to fun and another 25% to sleep/eating, during postseason I feel like 90% of my time I spent thinking about the Phillies’ stats and checking up on games and what not. So I had to squeeze sleeping/eating/school/fun into 10% of my thinking time, which was only made harder by midterms. I am still really upset about the Phils’ lose. you probably shouldn’t talk to me about it. I am kind of welling up right now.

9. Talking about Judith paintings with a guy friend of mine. Which was kind of a surreal experience. First, this guy has no background in art history whatsoever, and has never studied any sort of feminist theory. I mean he is an engineer. But he has the most insightful things to say about the paintings and was so interested in what I knew about the paintings, and how they changed from the Renaissance to Baroque to later depictions. I was just pleasantly surprised. Sometimes, at Agnes, I forgot how useful and charming men can be. But for realsies, I do not miss men in my classes. I cannot imagine talking about the masturbatory impulse of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice in a room with a bunch of college guys. Though, my Jane Austen class would probably consist of mostly young women even at a coed school.

10. making plans for a halloween costume. hint: it soon will be coming to FRUITion. PUNS BLOWING UP YO MIND.


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possible addition to my schedule: art of the andes; and research dilemma

Ahh! Am I ready to give up the coveted four day weekend? I don’t know, but Art of the Andes looks like a lot of fun! And I love Pre-Colombian art. And it is a 200 level class, which I should be in, opposed to a 300 level where the prerequisite was eliminated for a semester.

I’m talking to my advisor tomorrow, and that’ll help. Seriously, everyone: talk to your advisors. They are so super helpful!

And on another AHH and UGH moment. AHH: I have an actual thesis for my Auden paper! I am talking about how he uses biblical imagery and the phrase “felix osculum,” a variant of “felix culpa” or fortunate fall, in his agruement that marriage is less selfish and more self-serving than carnal love.

UGH moment: Lucy Snowe hates Catholics. Lucy Snowe pretends to be a Catholic. Lucy Snowe falls in love with a Catholic. Lucy Snowe is a better person. Lucy Snowe still hates Catholics. What?! I’m having a lot of trouble understanding anti-Papal tendencies in Victorian England in relation to Villette. There were a lot of novels about a woman falling under the spell of the church, but Villette seems to portray them as not completely “other”  yet Lucy still expresses all this scorn towards them. Again, I’m going to talk to my professor on Thursday about this, and hopefully I can gain some insight into what Bronte is doing.

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independent research brainstorming

This is the last thing I need to be doing! I should be polishing my Villette paper, outlining my Mina Loy paper or reacting to Richard Gere is my Hero, the film we just watched in Tibet and Film Studies.

But reading “The Wasteland” by T.S. Eliot today really piqued my interest in the depiction of shell shocked victims in Modernist literature. There is a World War I veteran who could be interpreted as shell-shocked in the first part of the poem “1. The Burial of the Dead” which is the closest in proximity to the introduction in Ancient Greek and Latin, as well contains the quote that brings up questions of nationality during a time of war “Bin gar keine Russin, stamm’ aus Litauen, echt deutsch.” which is “I am not Russian at all; I come from Lithuania, a true German” in German. Also there is a quote from Wagner’s opera in German “Tristan und Isolde” and allusions to the poetry of Charles Baudelaire.

Well this reminded me severely of Septimus Warren Smith from my favorite Modernist novel, Mrs. Dalloway, who hallucinates that the birds are speaking to him in Greek. While this hallucination comes from Virginia Woolf’s own, I think there may be a connection between this break down of language and the break down of cultural identity that comes from such a disillusioning war like World War I for the British.

So I think I’ll be doing some independent research over my spring break concerning whether this comes up again in other Modernist works concerning World War I’s disillusionment with cultural identity or other works concerning other wars.

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