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october: yellow, anderson and family

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”-Anne Shirley

I recently posted my “fall moodboard” which focused on three movies released between 1965-1970. But I realized that that really only applies to September. Returning to school. Air changing. The Breaking Out of the Trench Coat.

October is a different story. Culturally, the beginning changes have already happened (I say culturally because in Georgia is was both 75 and 55 last week). October is aware of its identity as a fall month, while September sometimes attempts to hold on to the last grasps of summer.

In October, my inspiration is Wes Anderson. I am convinced that the man lives in a perpetual October. I actually think there are more yellow/orange skies in Anderson films than blue ones.

I told my brother today that I love the “underrated overrated folks.” My favorite baseball player is Ryan Howard of the Phillies, whose payroll is too high, admittedly, and he strikes out a lot. So people call him overrated, but I think he is wonderful and that calling him overrated looks at only one aspect of his baseball playing skills. He’s also a team leader and a great first baseman.

Another example is John Singer Sargent, my favorite painter. I love the idea that he was marginalized by his peers because he wasn’t on the surface an avant-garde painter. He appeared to be a traditional commissioned portraitist, but later examining of his art, outside the context of the Gilded Age, Sargent reveals a keen knowledge of art history and sardonic awareness of the constructs of high society life.

I feel like Wes Anderson is my “underrated overrated” director. His films are just so quirky that they seem to either be immediately beloved or immediately hated for being so beloved without any qualifications. But I honestly love him, without an ulterior motive to align myself with either the quirky hipster set, or the erudite anti-hipster set, or any set annoyed by any other set. Somehow Rushmore, The Royal Tenebaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouThe Darjeeling Limited and The Fantastic Mr. Fox are all October for me. So sure of their identities and having an awareness of their place in the world.

One thing about Wes Anderson’s characters that work so well for inspiration is that they all have uniforms. Just in the case of The Royal Tenebaums, Margo has her kohl lined eyes, fur coat, barrettes, and polo dresses, Richie, his tennis sweat bands and suits, and Chaz and his sons have their matching sweat suits.

october: margo tenenbaum

Anderson movies sort of uniforms too. Distant wives/sisters/mothers, over bearing father figures, misunderstood youths. all centering around the family. Anderson prioritizes the family and somehow contradicts the first lines of Madame Bovary by making all of his families unhappy in the same way, where they are disconnected from each other, yet don’t have identities that are not Tenenbaum, Zissou, Whitman or Fox. Maybe I love him because I feel like my largest identity marker is that of my family. A friend in high school once said “Kearneys travel in packs.” And it is so true. My family is very close and very disconnected as the same time. No member of my immediate family is just their familial role to me, there are other layers of that relationship. Though I imagine that it is true is all families. But, like Anderson’s families, we are aware of it.

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fall moodboard

moodboard: 1965-1970 (movies)

Something about going back to school and fall makes me want to transform into Ali MacGraw. Literally every Labor Day weekend, I become overwhelmed with the desire to watch Love Story. It is the perfect bad movie. And I un-ironically love it. The movie doesn’t take place exclusively in the fall, but the most stand out outfit is Jenny’s trench and minis. And those hats.

But thinking about Ali MacGraw and her general awesome, I realized that my style goals every fall come from exactly three movies: Love Story, The Graduate, and Bonnie and Clyde. So I made this moodboard.

As far as fashion inspiration goes, there is a very small spectrum of years that I really feel at home in, and it is the late 60’s. All my favorite music is from then and a lot of my favorite movies. Bonnie and Clyde and The Graduate both came out in 1967 and Love Story was released in 1970.

I included a picture of Joni Mitchell for her awesome bangs because I am thinking about getting my hair cut again soon to include some.

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a new weekly feature I am trying out.
a collection of things I am loving at the moment.

inventory week one
1. Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly. A glorious grey that I am refusing to retire.
2. Elle Fanning and Fishtail braids as featured in teen vogue. Elle was fabu in Super 8 this summer and fishtails are always relevant.
3. My new favorite blog, Note to Self is wonderful and you should check it out. Her posts are distractingly beautiful and well curated.
4. My newest shoe on the forever long wish list, a nudeypinktaupe platform heel.
5. Illustration artist Emma Block is another new addiction.
6. This is Arthur Melville’s The Blue Night, Venice from 1897 from the Tate’s Watercolour Exhibition. The exhibition’s tagline “invites you to challenge your preconceptions of what watercolour is.” While I won’t get to see the Tate’s exhibition I will be able to go see…
7. John Marin’s Watercolours: A Medium for Modernism. This image is his work The Red Sun Brooklyn Bridge, 1922. The exhibit is a traveling that has come to the High and I cannot wait to go see it!
8. The Swaying Meadow Skirt from Anthropologie. I need to see this in person, but I am pretty sure it is no meadow at all and instead lovely peacock feathers! Also the color is unlike anything I own, so wishlisted!

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Spring has sprung (at least in my closet)

I am not known for my seasonal appropriateness. I was the child who wore velvet jumpers in the summer. Yeah, that was me.

And as soon as December is over, I think of one thing: SPRING FASHION.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my fall clothes, my boots, my tights, my sweaters. And down here in Gorjuhhh, even at the coldest, I am pretty warm with my trusted tights, boots and bright blue coat. So I never really got into winter white and various other winter bundle-y trends. So January and February are spent waiting for March when I begin to wear florals, cotton, and eyelets.

Currently, I am loving Kate Spade’s Spring 2011 Lookbook. As always, Spade is classy and sassy.

Magazine Tote, $255

Melody Dress, $445

Pineapple Grove Locket, $145 (my favorite!)

So it’s no secret that I love Kate Spade’s collections. But I also love her ads. This spring, for the first time, Kate Spade is using a celebrity as the face of the company, Bryce Dallas Howard. Using celebrities as models is always a little controversial, but I love the thus released spread!

So all I have to do it make it through January and February and I will be wearing polka dots, full-swingy skirts, and colored heels, and once again my life will have order.

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