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fall moodboard

moodboard: 1965-1970 (movies)

Something about going back to school and fall makes me want to transform into Ali MacGraw. Literally every Labor Day weekend, I become overwhelmed with the desire to watch Love Story. It is the perfect bad movie. And I un-ironically love it. The movie doesn’t take place exclusively in the fall, but the most stand out outfit is Jenny’s trench and minis. And those hats.

But thinking about Ali MacGraw and her general awesome, I realized that my style goals every fall come from exactly three movies: Love Story, The Graduate, and Bonnie and Clyde. So I made this moodboard.

As far as fashion inspiration goes, there is a very small spectrum of years that I really feel at home in, and it is the late 60’s. All my favorite music is from then and a lot of my favorite movies. Bonnie and Clyde and The Graduate both came out in 1967 and Love Story was released in 1970.

I included a picture of Joni Mitchell for her awesome bangs because I am thinking about getting my hair cut again soon to include some.

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Week One in Review

I don’t know if this semester could be more perfect. I guess I could be in Italy. But as far as US based semesters go, this is definitely the most excited I’ve been.

I’ve only attended all of my classes only once, but I enjoyed them all. The make up of the classes are a nice mix of people I know and love and people I’ve never met.

I’m officially in Cicero (Latin) at Agnes Scott since I didn’t get into Italian at Emory. But that’s okay! Cicero is by far my favorite Roman and I get to have one of my favorite professors for the first time in a language class.

I hate to say this, but how am I already being converted to a Gothic lover? Vasari would be so ashamed of me! But in Age of Cathedrals,  I’m learning that what I love about Renaissance and Baroque art (patronage, political intrigue, men in funny hats) is still happening during the Gothic period, just on a smaller scale and in multiple places, instead of just Rome.

I am so excited about the Renaissance History reading list. It really focuses on primary sources and I am all about Renaissance through Renaissance eyes. And it is pretty cool that I have Renaissance right after Cathedrals and Cicero. Because already in the readings all the Renaissance guys are poo-pooing the Gothic and yelling “CICERO. LET ME LOVE YOU!”*

The only class I am a little wary about is Feminisms and Religion. It is just so big! I don’t mind big classes that much, but the professor seems to want it really to be a discussion based class, as it should be based on the material. However, I am little worried about getting overwhelmed or lost in the conversation.

*Some historical perspective provided by yours truly

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Expectations and Classes: Fall 2011

I’ve liked this exercise ever since my first year in college, when I mentioned on my blog that I was not too excited about my American Literature class because I hated American Lit. Then it turned out to be on of my favorite classes I’ve taken at Agnes Scott. So here’s a list of my classes for Fall 2011 and what I am expecting to get out of them and enjoy.

ART 312: The Age of Cathedrals-I am a little nervous about this class. It is the first full art history class I’ve taken with the professor who was on sabbatical last year. The combination of a professor I don’t know and a subject I am uncomfortable with (French! Gothic! Architecture!) I am nervous. But I am excited to try something different in art history after all those contemporary classes last year.

HIS 347: Renaissance Italy: Ideas and Culture-So excited! I haven’t gotten the opportunity to take any Renaissance art classes yet, and I wanted to have a least some background before I went to Florence. This is my first 300 level History class so that is a little nerve wracking because I haven’t written a history paper since…junior year of high school. But hopefully my love of the Medici will motivate me to work hard.

REL 224: Feminisms and Religion-This class. I really don’t know anything about it. It is a little about the history of women in religion, as well as applying feminist theory to religions. It fulfills a requirement that I have yet to find a way to fulfill. I am little nervous just because I did not enjoy my last religious studies class, but I am hoping for the best!

Either Italian at Emory or LAT 314: Cicero-I am only going to take one language class this semester. So if I get into Italian at Emory University (we don’t offer it at my school), I will take that. I am excited for either of them. Italian will obviously be a little more useful, considering that I am going to Italy in the spring. But if I have to Cicero, it will be with one of my favorite professors and that is one less Classics course I have to take my senior year to finish my minor.

PED 129: Boot Camp-I signed up for this on a whim. But it is a PE credit, and it is only for two months in the middle of the semester. I just have to get up SUPER early for it. But I am excited! I am trying to run the Thanksgiving Half-Marathon in Atlanta and while I’ve been training a lot over the summer, I think this will help me keep it up until the big race day!

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