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advisers! and Barcelona

Yay! I now have an adviser in each of my intended majors. Professor Smith, my assigned major for Art History [how did Agnes know that I would love Art History so much!?] and Dean Diedrick, my much beloved professor of American Lit, Post-1700, for English Literature.

Now I’m working on getting approved for a non-Agnes approved study abroad program. Really that just means that I pay the school in Spain instead of paying Agnes and them paying the school. But it makes it harder to get into. Thus I am also applying for an Agnes approved program.

The first program is in Barcelona. I really want to go to Barcelona.

  1. They speak Catalan there. I am really interested in studying Catalan literature in graduate school and it has a really specific that is hard to get in the United States in an undergraduate program.
  2. I want to go to the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain, near Barcelona.
  3. And I like the idea that in Catalan, they don’t have the annoying lisp sound that they have in normal Spain Spanish. [BarTHElona]

In other news, I’m applying to be a Writing Center tutor. So many applications! I thought this ended once I got into to high school, but that was all a lie.

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Yeats eats dates

I’m writing my first paper for my Modern Poetry class. Luckily I have experience working with poetry in college from my American Literature class [thank you, Dean Diedrick for making us write a paper about a poem] otherwise, paperwise, I would be totally in over my head in this 300 -level poetry class.

My first paper is on William Butler Yeats’ poem “The Song of Wandering Aengus

Which I must say, is a deceptively simple poem. Boy catches fish. Fish turns into girl. Girl calls Boy. Boy runs after. Boy doesn’t catch girl. But he does have an extended anaphoric fantasy about what they will do when they do meet up again.

Who couldn't love this face?

Of course it is more complicated. It’s Yeats. It is weird how this seeming love poem is actually very self-centered. It is about growing old and losing agency in your life. The boy doesn’t even get the girl. He just ponders on how long they will be together and how being together with her will extend his own life.

In this class, we’ve read thus far Frost, Yeats and Pound. It is so hard to imagine these poets all fall under the same heading of “Modernism.” Frost is like Romanticism plus Modernism, Yeats is  really like Modernism  plus self-absorption and deprecation. And then there’s Pound. Who is Modernism plus crazy.


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english major-not yet

The whole point of this blog is my journey as an English Literature major at Agnes Scott. But technically I am still undeclared. The first step: I need to pick an adviser. I already have a wonderful Art History adviser, but I am not going to be an Art History major. Maybe a double major with English, but I’m not sure about that yet.

So I have to pick an adviser. But the entire English department is so wonderful. The three professors I’ve had are all so nice. Though for the adviser preference sheet, I have three preference available. So I suppose I will just put down all of them.

Once I get an adviser in my department, I can officially declare my major.

I’m already well on my way to being pretty ingrained in the English department. Last semester, I took American Literature Post 1700, and this semester I’m taking Modern Poetry and the Women Question in Victorian Literature.

Currently Reading: Villette by Charlotte Bronte, “Carmilla” by Sheridan leFanu, various Ezra Pound poems, and A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Conner

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