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Two Things: Research Topic and Costume

And we’re going to do them backwards.

I’ve picked my research topic (and my title) for my Jane Austen paper about Emma. Here we go…”The Frivolity of Frank and the Frankness of Mr. Knightley.”  I was pretty pleased with the title.

Behind that punny title is a look at the discourse between Frank and Emma and Mr. Knightley and Emma and what it reveals about the men in her life.

Also, here’s a look at my Halloween costume! I don’t know if I have ever been prouder (except maybe in relation to the title of my Jane Austen paper)

Pineapple-The Sassiest Fruit

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Happy Halloween! and Something Weird about flippee.

My post-modern peacock outfit. I love it. I wish I could dress this all the time.

I spent the night hanging out with Ethandear at the Williams residence. I do love that family. We watched The Shining. And omg, I remember seeing “REDRUM” when I was little and that moment scared me for life. But it was amazing. and not that scary. Much more Hitchcock like than I assumed. But I don’t really get scared during scary movies and I get scared during movies I’m not supposed.
Here’s a secret: My number one most scared moment while watching a movie was during...Breaking Away. Yes, you’re thinking of the right one.
The bike movie.
When Dennis Quaid like jumps into the ravine with the lake and hides under the dumpster; I flipped out. I was convinced Dennis was a goner. But I think I saw this movie first when I hadn’t completely separated fiction and reality.
Like during the period when I thought Mel Gibson actually was disembowled and racked and beheaded while directing Braveheart. I honestly just assumed that was the last scene that was shot.

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