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Actually the scheduling process is going pretty well. Here’s what I imagine I will be taking:

History of Photography with KSmith
Methods in Art and Art History with KSmith
British Literature Post 1700 with Dean Diedrick
European Women since the Middle Agnes with KKennedy

I wish I could take two English classes. But because I usually take post-1800, 300 level classes, I needed to take pre-1800, 200-level classes. But they are offering a grand total of TWO, and both are at the same time as Methods in Art History, which is a class that is super important that I take this spring and before my senior seminar. marp. I wish I had a time turner.

Also a possibility: auditing Trickster Theme in Classical Lit with JAbbot. the cutest professor alive. Just as a classical literature class, it is kind of useless in my double major. But I love Classical Literature and tricksters!

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update on research, life, latin.

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been so busy with research and Latin conventions. The crazy college life is what I am living.

Research in Victorian Literature is going really well, I’m looking at how Catholicism and Theater are related in Villette as catalysts for Lucy Snowe, the heroine going from a passive audience member in her own life to the lead character. In Modern Poetry I switched back to Auden after too much research that resulted in nothing for Mina Loy. Now I am looking at the combination of Christian vs. Pagan images in “In Sickness and In Health” by Auden and how it relates to Marriage v. Carnal Love argument.

Also, I literally just got back from the Eta Sigma Phi (National Latin Honor Society) Convention. Mostly it was a lot of annoying, seemingly pointless, bureaucratic meetings, but I did go to a really cool seminar about looking at modern Poetry in the context of Classical works.

Well, I’m off to go write my research proposals.

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I’m more stressed then every third syllable in Dactylic Hexameter.

And did you know Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds-written in heroic hexameter.

Picture your self in a boat on a river with
tangerine tree-ees and marmalade skii-ii-es.

Ah Wikipedia.
by the way. George is the best Beatle. no way around it.

Nevertheless. This week has made my brain explode. Postmodern poetry in English. Cicero Criticism is Latin. Floor Work in Modern. Thucydides in Greek Civ. And Mindfulness is always stressful [irony?]

But I am suffering through. Still enjoying my classes throughly. I just wish everything wasn’t due/hard at the same time.

Plus I’m having trouble deciding between taking 2 English classes next semester/ 2 Classics classes/ or one of each plus Art History.

This weekend is going to be enjoyable, however. I’m seeing Ethan and John, my adorable, lovely, little brothers, at Ethan’s concert. And i’m brunching with Christy “TT” Keyser, the best friend who gave me my nickname, flippee.!

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A Tale of Two Majors—English and Classical Languages

When asked what he looks for in a woman by the Proust Questionnaire at the back of Vanity Fair, Garrison Keillor said

High-spiritedness, wit, a love of repartee and wordplay and allusion and jokes—in other words,

an English major.

Well put, Mr. Keillor, who I actually had the oppurtunity to meet and chat with about golfcarts* at the Decatur Writing Festival this fall. And English Major [plus Classics] I will be. But here goes the rest of my academic plans that all point towards…becoming an academic.

Next semester I am planning on taking the following schedule (I’m registering in a week or so I believe)


Eng 322, The Woman Question in Victorian literature with [babuhdabum] Professor Cozzens! I’ve been waiting so long to have a class with her! My mom had her when she was at Agnes Scott for the M.A.T. program and I work with a lot of her current students in the Writing Center.

Lat 202, Intermediate Second Semester with Professor Jim Abbot!‡ I had Abbot this semester for History of Greek Civilization and I love him. This is the guy who makes me want to double major. I’ve never seen anyone get so excited by a 1/30th of a pediment.

Ant 101, I’m taking this in preparation for MOROCCO. [see next blog post] Plus it fulfills two graduation requirements. whoa. This class only meets on MW

Rel 232, Tibet in Film and Literature with Professor Zablocki. So everyone knows I love China. But the only country I love more than China, culturally, is Tibet! We just had a group of Tibetan monks on campus doing a sand painting. And it was very moving. Plus I love disenfranchised people. Could the Dalai Lama get cuter? And this class only meets twice a week from 5:30 to 8:30 on Mondays and 5:30-6:30 on Wednesday.


CLL 212, Greek and Roman Heroes with Professor MacEwan, and I will have gotten the flush of Classics Professors! This is my only class on Tuesday-Thursday.


*Why is this my default topic of conversation? I love golfcarts and I love Peachtree City. I suppose it was appropriate to mention to Mr. Keillor the quirk of my small-town life. But golfcarts? C’mon Emma, this guy is one of your favorite Apples to Apples† cards

†A favorite game among Kearneys. I hope to meet someday my other favorite living Apples to Apples card—Sean Connery. Our other automatic win card is Carl Sagan. But unfortunately the Great One has passed on.

‡ I like to exclaim a lot. Especially about English and Latin!

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