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WHOO! I am an official double major

This is one of those things that Agnes really needs to make easier. But we are really into paper copies of things. And inefficiency. There is whole process involving cards and planning. It seems a little silly. But it is done and it is official.

I don’t really know the benefits of this but now I get to say “I’m a sophomore and an English Literature and Art History major,” instead of “I’m a sophomore and I am planning on majoring in English Literature and Art History.”

Also I suppose I should get around to changing my blog title to just “Miss Woodhouse Goes to College”…

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and the schedule changes once again…

Yeah, I didn’t think I would have too many “school-related” posts over the summer either. Because that would make sense because I am not in school.

But the art department at the more-missed-everyday Agnes Scott just announced an additional art history class to the catalog: The Art of Spectacle in Baroque Rome. From the course description, it seems to be a really interdisciplinary course about the history of the Papal Court and the resulting art. Which is pretty exciting. Granted, I’d much rather take a class about the Renaissance in Florence (my love of the Medici family is far and wide), but this is still pretty awesome. Because Caravaggio is probably my third greatest Art History crush, after John Singer Sargent and Edouard Manet. Also Velazquez is Baroque, and we’re supposed to be studying other court painters (read Velazquez) to contrast the Roman papal court.


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possible addition to my schedule: art of the andes; and research dilemma

Ahh! Am I ready to give up the coveted four day weekend? I don’t know, but Art of the Andes looks like a lot of fun! And I love Pre-Colombian art. And it is a 200 level class, which I should be in, opposed to a 300 level where the prerequisite was eliminated for a semester.

I’m talking to my advisor tomorrow, and that’ll help. Seriously, everyone: talk to your advisors. They are so super helpful!

And on another AHH and UGH moment. AHH: I have an actual thesis for my Auden paper! I am talking about how he uses biblical imagery and the phrase “felix osculum,” a variant of “felix culpa” or fortunate fall, in his agruement that marriage is less selfish and more self-serving than carnal love.

UGH moment: Lucy Snowe hates Catholics. Lucy Snowe pretends to be a Catholic. Lucy Snowe falls in love with a Catholic. Lucy Snowe is a better person. Lucy Snowe still hates Catholics. What?! I’m having a lot of trouble understanding anti-Papal tendencies in Victorian England in relation to Villette. There were a lot of novels about a woman falling under the spell of the church, but Villette seems to portray them as not completely “other”  yet Lucy still expresses all this scorn towards them. Again, I’m going to talk to my professor on Thursday about this, and hopefully I can gain some insight into what Bronte is doing.

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advising with dean diedrick and kasmith.

This is probably my favorite time of the year. Picking out classes for next year. Maybe because I love wishful thinking or always think the grass is greener. I don’t know exactly, but I love it. Mostly I just like Excel spread sheets!

Next semester the plan is to take…drum roll…only classes on Tuesday/Thursday. Yay for four day weekends! But I am planning on taking, Contemporary Art and Theory, Survey of the Solar System and Lab, Authorial Studies: Jane Austen, and Perspectives on Literature, what is required of all English majors. And my day is over by 3:15, except when I have lab on Tuesday.


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On my way to being an actual English major! I met with Dean Diedrick on Wednesday. Mostly we discussed my career goals [high school teacher, professor, something in publishing] and my plans directly after college.

So I have to figure out these little major cards like plan out what English classes I have to take for each semester for the rest of my Agnes Scott career. Which I have to do every semester anyway when I figure out what classes I’m taking, but this is ten times more complicated because I have to plan to take pre-1800 and post-1800 [got that one done already!] and 200 level and 300 level classes plus the two required classes of 280 and 480. The classes aren’t set in stone or anything.  But it is pretty cool. I’m excited!

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advisers! and Barcelona

Yay! I now have an adviser in each of my intended majors. Professor Smith, my assigned major for Art History [how did Agnes know that I would love Art History so much!?] and Dean Diedrick, my much beloved professor of American Lit, Post-1700, for English Literature.

Now I’m working on getting approved for a non-Agnes approved study abroad program. Really that just means that I pay the school in Spain instead of paying Agnes and them paying the school. But it makes it harder to get into. Thus I am also applying for an Agnes approved program.

The first program is in Barcelona. I really want to go to Barcelona.

  1. They speak Catalan there. I am really interested in studying Catalan literature in graduate school and it has a really specific that is hard to get in the United States in an undergraduate program.
  2. I want to go to the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain, near Barcelona.
  3. And I like the idea that in Catalan, they don’t have the annoying lisp sound that they have in normal Spain Spanish. [BarTHElona]

In other news, I’m applying to be a Writing Center tutor. So many applications! I thought this ended once I got into to high school, but that was all a lie.

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english major-not yet

The whole point of this blog is my journey as an English Literature major at Agnes Scott. But technically I am still undeclared. The first step: I need to pick an adviser. I already have a wonderful Art History adviser, but I am not going to be an Art History major. Maybe a double major with English, but I’m not sure about that yet.

So I have to pick an adviser. But the entire English department is so wonderful. The three professors I’ve had are all so nice. Though for the adviser preference sheet, I have three preference available. So I suppose I will just put down all of them.

Once I get an adviser in my department, I can officially declare my major.

I’m already well on my way to being pretty ingrained in the English department. Last semester, I took American Literature Post 1700, and this semester I’m taking Modern Poetry and the Women Question in Victorian Literature.

Currently Reading: Villette by Charlotte Bronte, “Carmilla” by Sheridan leFanu, various Ezra Pound poems, and A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Conner

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