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fall moodboard

moodboard: 1965-1970 (movies)

Something about going back to school and fall makes me want to transform into Ali MacGraw. Literally every Labor Day weekend, I become overwhelmed with the desire to watch Love Story. It is the perfect bad movie. And I un-ironically love it. The movie doesn’t take place exclusively in the fall, but the most stand out outfit is Jenny’s trench and minis. And those hats.

But thinking about Ali MacGraw and her general awesome, I realized that my style goals every fall come from exactly three movies: Love Story, The Graduate, and Bonnie and Clyde. So I made this moodboard.

As far as fashion inspiration goes, there is a very small spectrum of years that I really feel at home in, and it is the late 60’s. All my favorite music is from then and a lot of my favorite movies. Bonnie and Clyde and The Graduate both came out in 1967 and Love Story was released in 1970.

I included a picture of Joni Mitchell for her awesome bangs because I am thinking about getting my hair cut again soon to include some.

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dorm style inspiration: fall 2011

So last year my theme was art nouveau. and I LOVED it. I love DIY-ing all my different crafts and coming up with elements. Some of the stuff is going to stay in the room (like my all time favorite DIY craft project-my art nouveau decoupage table, seen later in the post), and some stuff will go (I unfortunately don’t have enough room for my fabulous peacock headboard). But something I did last year is inspiring me this year.

I lived in a loft room last year, so we have this one HUGE wall that remained undecorated for most of the year. And then sometime in March I decided I wanted it to look happier, so I taped a bunch of inspiring pictures/collages on the wall in a salon style. I loved the look of it.

This year, I am living in a theme house with a bunch of other girls (check out our blog for our activities through out the year!). The way the room is set up, there are windows on two adjacent walls, and the way my roomie and I split the room is so that she has one side with windows and we share a side with windows.

Here’s a not-remotely-to-scale picture:

So you see that again, I have a great big wall to decorate. But this year I want it to look slightly more planned than last year, which was literally “ooo this is a cool image from a magazine, lemme stick it on my wall!”

First, in case you don’t know what “salon style” hanging is, it means in the style of the salons that exhibited art in the 19th century. Salons were usually like competitions, so there would be bunches of entries. Instead of the way most pieces are hung in museums today, where you see one piece at a time and then move on to the next one, there would be pictures hanging at all levels, all around each other.

The Salon of Madame Geoffrin


So there are some examples of what I mean. I want the wall to just be filled with images of things I love.

I already have a healthy collection of collages and posters I’ve made/acquired at my house. But I would say the smallest out of all these is 12×12 and the biggest is standard movie poster sized. Some of the images included are:

My favorite late-night host, Jimmy Fallon's cover of Rolling Stone


Pride and Prejudice Movie Poster


This poster from UPenn, advertising their summer classes, that I swiped while on spring break visiting my brother.

Mixed-Media, Self-Portrait that I did my senior year of High School and my favorite piece from my studio art days.

Those are four examples out of maybe 30 larger sized pieces that will be on the wall. But how am I planning on getting 30 pieces to all fit together with clean lines in between? I’m not really. So I’m preparing a file of smaller pictures to print out from my computer. So far I have about 150 images that I am planning on prints as various sizes, between 3 x 5 and 5 x 8. I may whittle that down to around 75 for the first printing and decorating process and go from there. But here’s a collage of some of the images I am planning on including, so you can get a taste.

Starting on the top left: Anthony Perkins being ridiculous, Zooey Deschanel, Cole Hamels, illustration from Make Way For Ducklings, Evelyn Nesbitt, Saturday Night Specials, North by Northwest, Elle Fanning, A Little Princess, A Room with a View, Cassie Ainsworth, Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by John Singer Sargent, A Room with a View Book Cover, Photography by Sally Mann, Perfect Hair, Manet v. Monet boxing poster, Il Duomo

So one way that I am trying to make the salon wall look cleaner is plan ahead of time. I chose quality images that mean something to me, and I know that I need certain smaller sizes, so that’s how I am going to print them. Another thing that I am going to try and do is frames. But obviously, I can’t afford 75+ frames. Earlier in the summer, I stumbled upon this DIY project from designsponge. The project is making paper frames for pictures. And I love the idea. There was a project that we used to do at the High Museum where we would build up colorful pieces of cardboard on basic frames. So I might try that too. But I really like the idea of just framing random pictures. I think it will some formality to the craziness of the salon hanging.

Other design elements of the room include:

Low Quality Picture of the Table

A canvas chair that all my friends from high school (and some from college) signed every time they came to my house, which I surprisingly don’t have a picture of.

So I don’t really have a theme, as much as one large design element that will hopefully turn out amazing! Pictures will be coming as soon as I move in and get the pictures up.

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inventory: bloomsbury

a collection of things I am loving at the moment.

When am I not loving Bloomsbury? That answer is never. I’ve actually done a “bloomsbury inspo” post before, which is poorly formatted as it was imported from my last blog. But inventory is a little different than inspo. It is about you can do/buy/experience NOW. opposed to just look at.

inventory: bloomsbury


1. Temperley London is always wonderful. And is one of the easier designers to see direct Bloomsbury influence. If you don’t have $3000 and a ball to go to, there is Alice by Temperley, which is the edgier younger (still splurgy, but less so) sister, still ripe with romantic, historic influences. 
2. Mrs. Dalloway, cover by Vanessa Bell, which is my header for this blog. Though I imagine you won’t be stumbling upon any first editions, you can still read Woolf’s novels. My favorite is Mrs. Dalloway, but everything by Woolf is wonderful.
3. One of my all time favorite non-fiction books Uncommon Arrangements by Katie Roiphe is about seven marriages between 1910-1939 and looks at how those marriages worked (or didn’t.) Included is the marriage of Clive and Vanessa Bell and their relationships with Duncan Grant, as well as many relationships of their friends and those on the edge of Bloomsbury group.
4. Charleston House, was the home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and the center of Bloomsbury social life and you can go visit it. Bell did all of the interior decorating. They also have a pretty stellar gift shop online.  If you can’t visit Charleston anytime soon, a quick google search of “bloomsbury style” gets lots of images of Charleston House and Bell’s designs, and there are a great number of books about Bell’s designs.
5.  There was a lot of Bloomsbury art. a lot. Because the artists did a lot of sketchs and prints and what not. And pieces can be purchased (or ogled at) at Bloomsbury Workshop.
6. I just really like these shoes and they seem so fun and appropriate for a garden party. Also they are on super sale!
7. An article from the much mourned Domino magazine was about this woman who decorated her tiny little apartment after Charleston House. Online documentation of Domino archives are a little tricky, but the images are rampant so here’s links to a blogpost with the images.

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inventory: elephants edition

a collection of things I am loving at the moment.

I’ve always loved elephants. They are the go to animal for a children’s alphabet book on letter “E.” And as my blog readers know, I tie a lot of my identity up with my name, so it is no surprise that I love elephants a lot. I especially love that elephants are becoming for 2011, the owl of 2008 and the swallow of 2010. They are everywhere. On household items and fashion and I am loving it.

inventory: elephants
1. Fossil’s coin purse with an elephant pattern from Fred Flare. 2. I am the biggest Jonathan Adler fan girl. And I love his “Menagerie Collection” which includes bunches of sassy elephants with various usefulness potential. 3. The Zoo Wouldn’t Believe it Mug found on Mod Cloth. Something that is great about the elephant trend is that elephants are rarely called anything other than elephants. So type it into a website search of a great online store (mod cloth, fred flare, forever 21), you’re going to end up with a pretty comprehensive list of what they have in the store. 4. Cirque A-Line Dress from Anthropologie. A redo of the Sing Sweetly Dress from earlier in the season (one seen on Quinn Fabray on Glee), this dress is cheekier because instead of boring birds it has elephants! 5. Elephants walk on their tiptoes! Which is just about the cutest animal fact ever. So I included a pair of suedey tip toe heels. These are from ASOS 6. Celebrate your au pair being deported with some elephant costume jewelery like Lucille Bluth. This ring by Betsey Johnson 7. Jungle Tales by James Jebusa Shannon is one of my favorite paintings and decorated my jungle themed bathroom when I was little! 8. Babar is the greatest fictional elephant of all time. He has an adorable green suit and ridiculous children (Pom, Flora, Alexander and baby Isabelle.) Ignore the problematic Westernization as improvement policy implemented by Babar on the elephants and enjoy cute illustrations of elephants in clothes. Also at one point he meets Father Christmas?

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a new weekly feature I am trying out.
a collection of things I am loving at the moment.

inventory week one
1. Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly. A glorious grey that I am refusing to retire.
2. Elle Fanning and Fishtail braids as featured in teen vogue. Elle was fabu in Super 8 this summer and fishtails are always relevant.
3. My new favorite blog, Note to Self is wonderful and you should check it out. Her posts are distractingly beautiful and well curated.
4. My newest shoe on the forever long wish list, a nudeypinktaupe platform heel.
5. Illustration artist Emma Block is another new addiction.
6. This is Arthur Melville’s The Blue Night, Venice from 1897 from the Tate’s Watercolour Exhibition. The exhibition’s tagline “invites you to challenge your preconceptions of what watercolour is.” While I won’t get to see the Tate’s exhibition I will be able to go see…
7. John Marin’s Watercolours: A Medium for Modernism. This image is his work The Red Sun Brooklyn Bridge, 1922. The exhibit is a traveling that has come to the High and I cannot wait to go see it!
8. The Swaying Meadow Skirt from Anthropologie. I need to see this in person, but I am pretty sure it is no meadow at all and instead lovely peacock feathers! Also the color is unlike anything I own, so wishlisted!

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Summer Inspiration

The Ultimate Bathing Suit

Sweetpea Shift-Anthropologie

Butterfly Net Dress-Anthropologie

Athena Blouse-Anthropologie (on the Ultimate wishlist!)

Apothecary Skirt-Anthropologie

The Avett Brothers: Summer (Life) Soundtrack

Bloomsbury Hinge from Vanessa Bell's House

All time favorite room inspo: Vanessa Bell's parlor

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realistic new year’s resolutions

I never come up with new year’s resolutions during new year’s, but I’ve thought might this year. But they are realistic and mostly self-improving.

1. Stop biting my nails: This is always my new year’s resolution, but this year it is realistic because I’ve already stopped biting them! They are the prettiest they have ever been, which is great because my Agnes Scott Ring ceremony is coming up and there are a lot of hand pictures involved in this ceremony. I can’t wait!

2. Stop slut-shaming/gossiping about other women: I hate that most of my relationships with women are based on judging other women. I really want to work on this.

3. Make this scarf: It isn’t exactly a pattern, but I think I can figure it out from her thought process. And I think I like the bookshelf idea better, which I imagine I could include about six books on. Which ones would I choose!? Probably A Room with a View, Emma, Mrs. Dalloway, The Odyssey, Villette, and either Wuthering Heights or Don Quixote. I’ll have to plan it out as the titles are of such varying lengths, but what fun!

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Spring has sprung (at least in my closet)

I am not known for my seasonal appropriateness. I was the child who wore velvet jumpers in the summer. Yeah, that was me.

And as soon as December is over, I think of one thing: SPRING FASHION.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my fall clothes, my boots, my tights, my sweaters. And down here in Gorjuhhh, even at the coldest, I am pretty warm with my trusted tights, boots and bright blue coat. So I never really got into winter white and various other winter bundle-y trends. So January and February are spent waiting for March when I begin to wear florals, cotton, and eyelets.

Currently, I am loving Kate Spade’s Spring 2011 Lookbook. As always, Spade is classy and sassy.

Magazine Tote, $255

Melody Dress, $445

Pineapple Grove Locket, $145 (my favorite!)

So it’s no secret that I love Kate Spade’s collections. But I also love her ads. This spring, for the first time, Kate Spade is using a celebrity as the face of the company, Bryce Dallas Howard. Using celebrities as models is always a little controversial, but I love the thus released spread!

So all I have to do it make it through January and February and I will be wearing polka dots, full-swingy skirts, and colored heels, and once again my life will have order.

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inspiration for the dorm room style

Apparently my dorm room theme for this year is art nouveau, post-impression, peacock crafty. I have so far made a decoupaged side table, and am coloring a peacock headboard!


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research paper playlists

I’ve talked about how I write research papers before (that I believe in hand-written outlines so I see what I cross out and write in the margins) and this is something else I really believe in: playlists.

People makes playlists all the time for friends/dance parties/road trips. And most people I know listen to music in the background while they work. But I really like making a list of about twenty songs that have to do with my paper topic. Sure this is a lot of fun, but I promise it has a purpose!

Song are usually 3-5 minutes long, so it is really easy to get a “feel” for the song. A novel could take 3-5 days to read (assuming you aren’t doing much else), and even longer to understand. And sometimes getting into a combination of “research paper writing mood” and “appropriate for my topic” mood is difficult. So playlists are productive. I promise!


This spring I had two research papers to do and I made a playlist for each. My Villette paper about how Lucy Snowe plays a part on the stage and in Roman Catholicism in order to gain an active role in her own life. So this girly needs some empowerment!

“A-Punk”-Vampire Weekend

“April Come She Will” Simon & Garfunkel

“Tennessee Rose” The Deep Vibration with Gillian Welch

“People Got a Lotta Nerve” Neko Case

“New Slang” The Shins

“O Mio Babbino Caro” (I watched A Room with a View a lot this semester. But it had relevance. Lucy Snowe goes to continental Europe (read: Catholic Europe) to develop herself beyond the Protestant constructs, just like Lucy Honeychurch.)

“O Valencia” The Decemberists

I basically played these seven songs and Passion Pit’s album Manners on a loop until I finished my paper.

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