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end of the semester and merry christmas!

I have not blogged in a very long time. I’ve been so crazily busy with my research papers (1, 2, 3, 4 of them!) that I haven’t really thought about it.

But the semester ended pretty well. So far I know I got an A- on both my Tempest paper and my Barberini paper. Which is kind of weird because I feel like I worked incredibly hard on my Barberini paper, while no so much on my Tempest paper. I checked out books early from the library and I took notes, formed outlines, went to go see my professors, worked on my paper with my writing center tutor.  Basically all the things you are supposed to do when writing a research paper.

Then for my Tempest paper, I wrote the proposal that was due earlier than the paper. And that was it. My Jane Austen paper was due 9am on Wednesday, and I had researched a lot on that paper and even wrote some of it, but it was very long (16 pages). That turned into an all nighter, basically working from 5pm, when my journal review for my Contemporary Art class was due (so I thought, it was actually due a week later), until 6:30am, when I took a two hour nap and turned in my paper. I then slept for about 5 hours and worked on my Tempest paper (research and writing) from 2 until midnight. One good thing that happened was that I thought my Tempest paper was supposed to be 10-12 pages, but actually it was only supposed to be 8-10, so I could turn in my healthy nine page paper in without any shame.

I don’t know what I got on either my Jane Austen paper or my Contemporary Art and Theory exhibit design because those were both hard copies of papers turned in later in the exam period, so professors got them right as break began.

But it is also my birthday/Christmas week! and I got some wonderful things, mainly a Kindle! I love it so much already. The first book I got was Dark Water, which I started reading before exams but I had to return to the library because it was on inter-library loan. I also got all of Jane Austen, Vasari and Sherlock Holmes. Yay public domain!

Also, two of my textbooks are available for Kindle!

I really do need to watch how I spend my money on it though. I could easily imagine myself buying a hundred dollars worth of e-books that I don’t really even care about.

Other gifts I got include a Philadelphia Flyers shirt (which is a little ironic because I work at Philips Arena for the Thrashers, so…don’t tell my boss!), a travel mug as I cannot walk and drink out of a normal cup at the same time and the Art History department at Agnes has a penchant for 8:30 classes, and a few books about Florence, including Rick Steves’ Florence and Tuscany.

So Merry Christmas to everyone! and I’ll be back at school January 18th, so I think I’ll be back blogging then too, though I may write a review of this wonderful book that I am finally going to finish!

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bleeg blah blorg

I should re name my blog “Miss Woodhouse Goes to College and Never has Time to Do Fun Things (like knit/crochet, blog, color, watch Bones).”

This month has been so crazy. My part time job is starting to get really busy. I feel like I am either going to class, doing homework or catching up on sleep.

So here’s what I’ve been up to.
1. Making lots of money and spending lots of money. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Last year with one super-part time job I felt like I had just enough money to do all the things I wanted to do. And now when one super-part time job and another more time, but still part-time job, I still feel like I am only barely getting by. But I am making like three times as much.

2. Reading about nepotism and popes: Which is just about my favorite thing in the world. Barberini, don’t get cocky though, the Medici still have my Italian heart.

3. Applying for summer jobs

4. Applying for study abroad in Florence!

5. Learning to budget money. Which is becoming a new obsession. I SPENT 50 DOLLARS THIS MONTH ON FAST FOOD. too much money when I am on a dining plan.

6. Reading a lot of Contemporary Art Theory and thinking about Hitchcock and voyeurism. (who am I kidding? I always spend a lot time thinking about Hitchcock and voyeurism. or voyeurism in general. It has become like my go to topic for research papers. Especially in relation to the Catholic Church)

7. Watching a lot of Hitchcock.

8. Being excited and then forlorn about the Phillies. This is honestly probably the number one reason this month has been hard. While a usual 50% of my time is devoted to school and like 25% to fun and another 25% to sleep/eating, during postseason I feel like 90% of my time I spent thinking about the Phillies’ stats and checking up on games and what not. So I had to squeeze sleeping/eating/school/fun into 10% of my thinking time, which was only made harder by midterms. I am still really upset about the Phils’ lose. you probably shouldn’t talk to me about it. I am kind of welling up right now.

9. Talking about Judith paintings with a guy friend of mine. Which was kind of a surreal experience. First, this guy has no background in art history whatsoever, and has never studied any sort of feminist theory. I mean he is an engineer. But he has the most insightful things to say about the paintings and was so interested in what I knew about the paintings, and how they changed from the Renaissance to Baroque to later depictions. I was just pleasantly surprised. Sometimes, at Agnes, I forgot how useful and charming men can be. But for realsies, I do not miss men in my classes. I cannot imagine talking about the masturbatory impulse of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice in a room with a bunch of college guys. Though, my Jane Austen class would probably consist of mostly young women even at a coed school.

10. making plans for a halloween costume. hint: it soon will be coming to FRUITion. PUNS BLOWING UP YO MIND.


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Jane Austen: A summary in opinions

Plus it is nearly 3 AM and I am very bored.
1. Favorite Austen heroine.
Emma Woodhouse. Clearly. I just love the Emma’s transformation seems the most self-motivated of all the heroines. Mr. Knightley points out her faults, but only when she wants to change and even when she believes she has no chance with Mr. Knightley she wants to be a better person, without his validation.

Plus she is so judgmental, which I identify with too much for my own good.

2. Favorite Austen man.
I would want to marry Mr. Knightley. But I really like to read…eh, Mr. Knightley. I am sorry that I am so one sided! I just can’t see any faults in Mr. Knightley. My second favorite man is probably Mr. Hurst, Mr. Bingley’s brother in law because he is so funny. Or Mr.Woodhouse, also hilarious.

3. Favorite Austen book.

4. Favorite quote from the books.
It is such a happiness when good people get together—and they always do. by the adorable Miss Bates in Emma
Certainly silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way by Emma

5. Favorite moment in the books.
When the narrator reveals that the Perry children partook in the wedding cake

6. Favorite movie adaptation.
My first–the 1996 version of Emma with Gwenyth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam. 1. Gwenyth’s dress at the Oscar’s is the reason I love Austen, 2. to me, Jeremy Northam IS Mr. Knightley, 3. and while they romanticize the relationship too early it has the best soundtrack, Harriet and other secondary characters I have ever seen.

7. Favorite Austen couple.
Other than…Emma and Mr. Knightley…I really like Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. I think they are so cute and funny is the way they speak to one another. Or Elinor and Edward. I like how they show that Jane’s books aren’t all about lovey-dovey gooey love. Sometimes they are really just about people, who usually happen to fall in love.

8. Least favorite couple.
Henry Tilney and Catherine Morland. He is so condescending and I had such trouble liking him!

9. Most hated foe of a heroine.
Lucy Steele. I hate that she abuses her privilege of confidence so much with Elinor. Irks me every time.

10. Most frustrating family member.
Maria Bertram.

11. Least favorite book.
Northanger Abbey, but I haven’t read Persuasion in a while.

12. Least favorite Austen heroine.
Catherine Morland

13. Least favorite Austen man.
of the “good” guys: Henry Tilney, of the bad guys: Willoughby.

14. Favorite love confession from the books.
“If I loved you less, I’d be able to talk about it more”

15. Favorite love confession from the films.
I feel so unlike a purist, but when Darcy confesses his love in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice. WHATEVER, it makes for good movies. Either the rain scene or the one in the field. I love the both. AND GUESS WHAT? I like Matthew Macfadyn better as Darcy too. Colin Firth is too clean and always looks like he has something in his mouth. But I still love Colin.

16. Least favorite film adaptation.
Cinematically, the BBC ones aren’t that awesome. But they are good for plot and dialog. And while 2005 P&P is a crappy mirror image of the book, I think JA fans need to look at the movies separately from the books.

17. Moment that made you sad/cry while reading.
I don’t know if I’ve ever cried during a JA novel.

18. Moment that made you smile/happy while reading.
Every time Mr. Woodhouse opens his mouth. Or when Edmund falls in love with Fanny.

19. Moment that made you laugh while reading.
Every time Mr. Woodhouse/Mr. Collins speak

20. Moment that made you mad while reading.
Most of the times Henry Tilney speaks.

21. Favorite Jane Austen-related photo.
Can’t find a good picture of it. But my favorite screen shot is potentially when Mr. Darcy flexes his hand after he helps Elizabeth get into the carriage in the 2005 film.

22. Favorite Austen female casting decision.
Kate Winslet as Marianne Dashwood
She is so young and romantic and wonderful!

23. Favorite Austen male casting decision.
Alan Cumming as Mr. Elton
No one does smarm better.

24. Favorite supporting character.
SO MANY: Mr. Woodhouse, Harriet Smith, Frank Churchill, Miss Taylor, Miss Bates (do. you. see. a. pattern?) Also, I really like Mrs. Jennings in S&S

25. Favorite family connection (i.e. sister-sister, mother-daughter, brother-sister, etc.)
Emma and her father, the one thing I liked about Northanger Abbey is James and Catherine Morland’s relationship

26. Favorite casting cameo from the films.
I don’t think this is a cameo, but Hugh Laurie in S&S.

27. Favorite quote from the films.
“A picnic. At Delaford” (hat sweep!)-Colonel Brandon, Sense and Sensibility
“the Nile is in Abyssinia!-Margaret Dashwood

” I do not profess to be an expert in the field of fashion (though my friends say I have quite the eye) but I can tell you, there is a shocking lack of satin! ” Mrs. Elton, Emma

28. Favorite moment from the films.
I like the long opening shot of Pride and Prejudice 2005. It is a pretty cool way to look at the family, and see immediately where the center of life is.
When Mr. Knightley and Emma are arguing about Harriet and Mr. Martin’s potential engagement and after she shots a misplaced arrow he says “try not to kill my dogs”

29. Character you most relate to
I think that is pretty clear that is Emma Woodhouse. An important part of that book is realizing what faults you have, and I share a lot of my faults with Emma. I always thought Lizzie too selfish for me to identify with her really. Emma’s problem is that she can observe others, but cannot see her own feelings truthfully, or use her feelings to understand others. Eleanor is too staid, and Marianne is too concerned with marriage. Also a great thing about Emma is that she doesn’t WANT to get married. Sure, she is financially stable, but she shows that a woman could imagine herself with a life without a man and be happy. Other novels aren’t as clear about the fact that women could be happy without men, if only they could receive some money.

Emma is just the best and that is the rest I am going to say.

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inspiration for the dorm room style

Apparently my dorm room theme for this year is art nouveau, post-impression, peacock crafty. I have so far made a decoupaged side table, and am coloring a peacock headboard!


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twenty by five is a hundred

What WHAT!

Hundredth blog post. Wellllll (please read this like my government teacher from senior would say it. Just say “will” in a really high pitched mouse voice), not on the WordPress blog, but I imported all my “flippeed her lid” posts to keep the archive all nice and chronological and on one URL.

I was going to make a list of hundred things about something but A. I couldn’t decide a theme B. A hundred is a lot for any given theme. C. My talents at coming up with top five lists is too honed and practiced to be wasted a one hundred things list. So I am going to make twenty top five lists. And away we go…

Vampires I like more than Edward Cullen

  1. Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  2. Bill Compton, True Blood
  3. Count von Count, Sesame Street
  4. Vampire Weekend
  5. Carmilla, Carmilla

Careers I would have if talent, time and money were no object

  1. MGM Corps Dancer circa Oklahoma, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Carousel
  2. Member of the Corps of Discovery.
  3. Member of the Council of Trent-I just thinking picking out which Bible books are canonical sounds really fun.
  4. Art nouveau furniture designer
  5. Gilded Age socialite

Corps of Discovery Journey

Favorite Presidents

  1. John Adams
  2. James K. Polk
  3. Thomas Jefferson
  4. Woodrow Wilson
  5. FDR

Adams-he's a funny one

Simon and Garfunkel Songs

  1. “Cecelia”-I think everyone who listens to song goes to the three steps of interpretation. 1. OMG I LOVE DANCING TO THIS SONG, IT IS SO HAPPY 2. Is this song about a prostitute ? Really? Is that what is happening here? 3. I am so hip because I “get” Paul Simon’s allusion to St. Cecelia, the saint of music. Cue continuing of dancing.
  2. “Kathy’s Song”
  3. “April Come She Will”
  4. “Mrs. Robinson”
  5. “At the Zoo”-“the elephants are kindly but/They’re dumb.”

Least favorite: “Bridge over Troubled Water”

Saint Cecelia-sometimes fickle inspiration, but always all-around badass

Inspiration for my chosen major pt. 1

  1. My mom, the greatest English teacher I’ve ever known
  2. Addison and Jill, two camp counselors I had at Great Books Summer Program
  3. Hawkeye Pierce, Natty Bumppo, and their respective Byronic Heroism, for being the subject of the first research paper I ever felt was worth something
  4. Their Eyes Were Watching God because I wanted to understand Janie
  5. The Eyre Affair series, because I wanted to get the jokes

My favorite book cover of all time

Inspiration for my chosen major pt. 2

  1. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
  2. Sister Wendy, specifically her video about The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit
  3. My Great-Grandfather, George Bellows, whose work has insured that my family house is filled with books about art, and that we went to museums a lot when I was growing up
  4. Edouard Manet
  5. Mrs. D, my first nice art teacher ever

Both Members of the Club by George Bellows

Talents I wish I had

  1. Juggling
  2. Whistling
  3. “Live Long and Prosper” Sign
  4. Sewing
  5. Hair Braiding

Favorite Secondary Jane Austen characters

  1. Miss Bates
  2. Mr. Woodhouse-Do you eat that cake? I JUDGE YOU. Now eat some gruel and let me go to sleep.
  3. Mr. Hurst-Really, he could be tertiary because he has nothing to do with the plot. But his character allows for dear Jane to have these little quips “he was an indolent man, who lived only to eat, drink, and play at cards, who, when he found her prefer a plain dish to a ragout” and (after Caroline declares no one wants to play cards) “Mr. Hurst had therefore nothing to do but to stretch himself on one of the sophas and go to sleep.”
  4. Mrs. Jennings-is absolutely ridiculous. And terribly funny.
  5. Augusta Elton-A 3rd character from Emma. But it has the best examples of the great secondary characters that Jane Austen creates. Somehow, Mrs. Elton, though Emma is in the same financial situation, and meddling habits, is somehow made into a wretched woman while Emma is beloved, by readers and the community of Hartfield.

Mrs. Jennings

Actors I would put in any movie I ever produced

  1. Laura Linney
  2. Jeremy Northam
  3. Paul Giamatti
  4. Anjelica Huston
  5. David Boreanaz

I have no idea what this movie is about.

Things I confuse with other things

  1. Farrah Fawcett/Mia Farrow
  2. Pulp Fiction/Fight Club
  3. Hall and Oates/Hootie and the Blowfish
  4. Neil Diamond/Neil Sedaka/Neil Young
  5. I don’t know if this counts, but I always think Susan Sarandon is in Desperately Seeking Susan

"When's the doppelganger thing happen? Where's Ed Norton? What is happening?"

Most Depression Inducing Films/Books/Songs

  1. The First 3/4 of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  2. Mrs. Dalloway
  3. D2: The Mighty Ducks
  4. The entire Les Mis
  5. The Field-Titanic, Love Story, The Notebook are swell cry-fest movies. But The Field, directed by Jim Sheridan, which looks innocent enough, like a normal depressing but morally triumphant Jim Sheridan Irish movie. NO. It is a thousand times more depressing than a normal Irish movie. Watch at your own risk.

RIP Hans

Best Depression Relieving Film/Books/Songs

  1. The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions, by Seu Jorge. David Bowie. In Portuguese.
  2. Xanadu-ONJ & ELO’s best work
  3. Say Anything…
  4. The last 1/4 of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  5. It Happened One Night


Movies I would like to live in

  1. A Room with a View-George, Florence and those hats
  2. Out of Africa-Keep the Hats, lose the Syphilis
  3. Sense and Sensibility-Traditionally, I would want both Emma Woodhouse’s charms and man. But, have you seen Margaret’s tree house? Plus Marianne has a really cool hats.
  4. His Girl Friday-Good headlines, better hats
  5. Amelie-If only so I could pull off French girl hair

Honorable Mention to a movie I would never want to live in, but has one of my favorite hats of all time: Goldfinger-Oddjob’s Bowler: My brother loves James Bond movies. And I weirdly always rooted for this round, Asian villain with the bowler. Plus I love the way Shirley Bassey sings “ggoldFINGAHHH”

My laptop background

Words I wish were real

  1. “whuff”-as in “getting a whuff of something.” A combination of wolfing down food and getting a whiff of a smell
  2. “precarious”-but pronounced purh CAR ee us. means the same thing but only related to vehicular precariousness
  3. “foxymoron”
  4. “quppymaroo”
  5. “Gob”-is a word, but I do wish this was an established name like in Arrested Development

George Oscar Bluth II-Gob

Theories I wish were accepted in society

  1. If ya dip it in yogurt, it’s a fruit. If ya did it in ranch, it’s a vegetable.
  2. Always check the elbows.
  3. Jane Austen is about more than hunky men in tight pants and jackets with tails.
  4. David Boreanaz should be in every TV show ever and Laura Linney should be in every movie.
  5. You can tell more about a person from their top five favorite books/albums/films than just about anything else

Still, he IS pretty hunky.

Ice Cream Topping with appropriate Ice Cream Topping

  1. Whipped Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip
  2. Pineapple Pieces and Strawberry Ice Cream
  3. Chocolate Syrup and Dulce de Leche
  4. Corn Flakes and Vanilla Bean
  5. Oreos and anything

Movies that have Photobooths

  1. Amelie-biggest plot involvment
  2. Penelope
  3. The Princess Diaries
  4. The Outside Man
  5. Not a movie, but the Christmas Tree sketch with James Franco from SNL

Best use of Elevators in a movie

  1. Kate and Leopold-“You must be Otis”
  2. Serendipity
  3. Sleepless in Seattle
  4. Double Indemnity
  5. The Royal Tenebaums

Answer me this: Why is that kid in a devil costume during Christmas?

Reasons I went to Agnes

  1. The lamps in the library
  2. The ability to get Starbucks on campus
  3. How awesome my host, Jillian, and her roomie Christen were when I visited
  4. proximity to home
  5. The mascot

These are things they should emphasize in the mailings.


Five Things of which I couldn’t think of five

  1. Least favorite fictional character ever-Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life
  2. The one blonde I like more than her counterpart brunette-Cher from Clueless, I mean I even like Cordelia better than Buffy
  3. The only foreign movie I will sit through with dubbing-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (This is not because I don’t like foreign movies, it’s because I hate dubbing)
  4. Best fictional portrayal of Bipolar in three parts: Being medicated-the opening scene of Garden State on the plane, the division in feeling between mania and depression-Mrs. Dalloway and Septimus in Mrs. Dalloway and best overall portrayal of bipolar-Hawkeye Pierce from M*A*S*H, the show not the movie
  5. Best movie title-Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death


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summer update: hitchcock and florence

My summer forays have been limited thus far. But still it has been fun. I’m basically on a Hitchcock/Film Noir bender. Strangers on a Train, Notorious and Spellbound so far. And I just got To Catch a Thief today and I’m watching Double Indemnity tomorrow.

A better, more exciting realization is that I could go somewhere. I guess I forgot that I was an adult or something. So now I’m looking for a summer job so that I can save up and go to Florence next spring break. I’ll have work-study again next year, which will help. My desire to go to Florence is really based on my love of the Medicis and E.M. Forster. So those are my plans for the summer. 1. Become Grace Kelly or Ingrid Bergman through osmosis of Hitchcock films 2. Save money.

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why I rarely “creative write”

I must admit, when I hear someone is an English major, I always feel like they are automatically my kindred spirit. But then they start talking about their fiction writing class. And a little judgmental voice in my head goes off “Oh, you’re English-Creative Writing…”

I kind of hate this. I know creative writing majors are important. If people who were creative writers didn’t exist, I would be out of look my preferred field. I also know that creative writing is a lot of work, and there is no reason to scorn them. Yet I do.

Theories abound to why–probably because of how much I hate creative writing myself, at least fiction and poetry. I am on the staff of The Profile, Agnes’ newspaper, but I really like writing sports stories and of course I have this blog. But I don’t feel like that counts…really. I don’t know why I dislike it so much. I just don’t get what I am supposed to get out of writing fiction. Plus I usually know that my writing is super trite and cliche-filled.

I really would just rather spend my reading and dissecting and writing research papers.


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