inventory: bloomsbury

a collection of things I am loving at the moment.

When am I not loving Bloomsbury? That answer is never. I’ve actually done a “bloomsbury inspo” post before, which is poorly formatted as it was imported from my last blog. But inventory is a little different than inspo. It is about you can do/buy/experience NOW. opposed to just look at.

inventory: bloomsbury


1. Temperley London is always wonderful. And is one of the easier designers to see direct Bloomsbury influence. If you don’t have $3000 and a ball to go to, there is Alice by Temperley, which is the edgier younger (still splurgy, but less so) sister, still ripe with romantic, historic influences. 
2. Mrs. Dalloway, cover by Vanessa Bell, which is my header for this blog. Though I imagine you won’t be stumbling upon any first editions, you can still read Woolf’s novels. My favorite is Mrs. Dalloway, but everything by Woolf is wonderful.
3. One of my all time favorite non-fiction books Uncommon Arrangements by Katie Roiphe is about seven marriages between 1910-1939 and looks at how those marriages worked (or didn’t.) Included is the marriage of Clive and Vanessa Bell and their relationships with Duncan Grant, as well as many relationships of their friends and those on the edge of Bloomsbury group.
4. Charleston House, was the home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and the center of Bloomsbury social life and you can go visit it. Bell did all of the interior decorating. They also have a pretty stellar gift shop online.  If you can’t visit Charleston anytime soon, a quick google search of “bloomsbury style” gets lots of images of Charleston House and Bell’s designs, and there are a great number of books about Bell’s designs.
5.  There was a lot of Bloomsbury art. a lot. Because the artists did a lot of sketchs and prints and what not. And pieces can be purchased (or ogled at) at Bloomsbury Workshop.
6. I just really like these shoes and they seem so fun and appropriate for a garden party. Also they are on super sale!
7. An article from the much mourned Domino magazine was about this woman who decorated her tiny little apartment after Charleston House. Online documentation of Domino archives are a little tricky, but the images are rampant so here’s links to a blogpost with the images.

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