inventory: elephants edition

a collection of things I am loving at the moment.

I’ve always loved elephants. They are the go to animal for a children’s alphabet book on letter “E.” And as my blog readers know, I tie a lot of my identity up with my name, so it is no surprise that I love elephants a lot. I especially love that elephants are becoming for 2011, the owl of 2008 and the swallow of 2010. They are everywhere. On household items and fashion and I am loving it.

inventory: elephants
1. Fossil’s coin purse with an elephant pattern from Fred Flare. 2. I am the biggest Jonathan Adler fan girl. And I love his “Menagerie Collection” which includes bunches of sassy elephants with various usefulness potential. 3. The Zoo Wouldn’t Believe it Mug found on Mod Cloth. Something that is great about the elephant trend is that elephants are rarely called anything other than elephants. So type it into a website search of a great online store (mod cloth, fred flare, forever 21), you’re going to end up with a pretty comprehensive list of what they have in the store. 4. Cirque A-Line Dress from Anthropologie. A redo of the Sing Sweetly Dress from earlier in the season (one seen on Quinn Fabray on Glee), this dress is cheekier because instead of boring birds it has elephants! 5. Elephants walk on their tiptoes! Which is just about the cutest animal fact ever. So I included a pair of suedey tip toe heels. These are from ASOS 6. Celebrate your au pair being deported with some elephant costume jewelery like Lucille Bluth. This ring by Betsey Johnson 7. Jungle Tales by James Jebusa Shannon is one of my favorite paintings and decorated my jungle themed bathroom when I was little! 8. Babar is the greatest fictional elephant of all time. He has an adorable green suit and ridiculous children (Pom, Flora, Alexander and baby Isabelle.) Ignore the problematic Westernization as improvement policy implemented by Babar on the elephants and enjoy cute illustrations of elephants in clothes. Also at one point he meets Father Christmas?

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  1. I love the elephant decoration (2) so much! And that dress is lovely! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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