a new weekly feature I am trying out.
a collection of things I am loving at the moment.

inventory week one
1. Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly. A glorious grey that I am refusing to retire.
2. Elle Fanning and Fishtail braids as featured in teen vogue. Elle was fabu in Super 8 this summer and fishtails are always relevant.
3. My new favorite blog, Note to Self is wonderful and you should check it out. Her posts are distractingly beautiful and well curated.
4. My newest shoe on the forever long wish list, a nudeypinktaupe platform heel.
5. Illustration artist Emma Block is another new addiction.
6. This is Arthur Melville’s The Blue Night, Venice from 1897 from the Tate’s Watercolour Exhibition. The exhibition’s tagline “invites you to challenge your preconceptions of what watercolour is.” While I won’t get to see the Tate’s exhibition I will be able to go see…
7. John Marin’s Watercolours: A Medium for Modernism. This image is his work The Red Sun Brooklyn Bridge, 1922. The exhibit is a traveling that has come to the High and I cannot wait to go see it!
8. The Swaying Meadow Skirt from Anthropologie. I need to see this in person, but I am pretty sure it is no meadow at all and instead lovely peacock feathers! Also the color is unlike anything I own, so wishlisted!

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