The Logic of Love, or John Mayberry Jr. and Me.

When I love something, I get devoted very quickly. It also works the other way because when I dislike something, I become very passionate about not loving it. And it takes a great force of nature to change it.

Example: There are few films that I love more than Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson collaborations. And so for a long time I hated Helena Bonham Carter for breaking them up. But then, on a whim, I watched A Room with a View and fell in love, with Forster, with Italy and with Helena Bonham Carter. I would consider E.M. Forster a great force of nature. So I love unequivocally Kenneth, Emma and Helena. And I learned to stop slut shaming. So thank you Edward Morgan. But, you can see that I really do fall hard for things in the fact that I am studying Renaissance art in Florence next year, at least in part to recreate in my mind my favorite movie and book.

So back on topic. Something that may or may not be known is that I love the Philadelphia Phillies. They are one of the things that I will defend to the end, like Paul Giamatti, Jane Austen and the original Old Navy flip flops. This is mostly because of my father, who is a big Phillies fan. But there we have it, a girl born and bred in Atlanta, during the hey day of Chipper Jones and I love the Phillies.

I love Chase Utley (I like your hair), I love Cliff Lee (for choosing us over the Yankees), I love Roy Halladay (for being perfect), I love Ryan Howard (for his weight loss, his power hitting and my weakness for first basemen). All of these are reasons that any fan would understand.

But my favorite player is John Mayberry Jr.

He been going up and down from the minors for three seasons now, and he’s only played around 100 games. He’s batting .253 this season right now. There’s not a lot in his stats that make him a stand out that I would pick up on to make him my favorite. But there’ s a lot more that endears him to me.

  1. His dad, John Mayberry, was in the majors. I love legacies in sports, especially baseball. I like being able to think of Field of Dreams moments in the majors.
  2. In 2002, Mayberry was drafted by the Mariners but decided to instead to go college at Stanford. I love when baseball players go to college, for at least a few years before they go pro.
  3. I like that we got him in a minor league deal.
  4. He tends not to fail at big moments, getting a few walk-off RBIs, unlike Domonic Brown.
  5. One time, during JMJ’s first career major league game, the announcers found “John Mayberry” in the stands and were commenting on his career and what not. But actually, it was just a random African-American man, who was NOT John Mayberry. I just thought that was the cutest.
  6. He speaks Spanish.
  7. The Phillies need a right handed bat. So why not throw my support beyond this adorable one?

John Mayberry Jr. is the perfect storm of things I love about baseball players. He’s nice and can be seen joking in the dugout and speaking Spanish to Michael Martinez and Carlos Ruiz. I love that his legs are so long and it makes him look ridiculous when he runs, like this.

None of this really makes sense. But I’ve fallen hard for John Mayberry Jr. and I’m sticking to him.


Edit: Check out the game recap where JMJ got 5 RBIs.



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2 responses to “The Logic of Love, or John Mayberry Jr. and Me.

  1. That was probably the best thing I’ve ever read. I think every true Phils fan remembers Reason 5, that was hilarious. Mayberry’s playing well, but Dom Brown aka D-Breezy aka D. Beez is still only 23 and has a cannon. However, this post exceeded my expectations and actually makes me like John Mabes a little more.

    The Phils might trade Mayberry in the next couple weeks if we go after Beltran or another outfielder. Would your love for Mayberry continue if he’s not wearing Phillies pinstripes?

  2. Domonic Brown is great. And I don’t think love of Mayberry and Brown is mutually exclusive. I just think they are very different types of players. Brown is young and clearly has a lot to learn when it comes to making decisions on the field and in the box and reading situations, while Mayberry has had that time and not yet been a break out. But not every one on the team can be an MVP all the time. Raul is an as streaky as ever, but when those streaks are hot, he’s a great asset to the team.
    What I am hoping for Mayberry is that Cholly gets to put his faith in the kid and keep him around and that even if he doesn’t get to be an every day guy for a few years (which is the position that Brown appears to be inevitably going towards), I’d like him to be the Wilson Valdez of the outfield, taking over for injuries and days-off regularly. I think he could be a pinch hitter that could stay in the game, especially if we can find a way to keep him in the majors and give some consistency to his schedule.
    I trust Mayberry’s fielding and hitting both more than Ben Francisco and I really feel like he adds something to the team. So hopefully I won’t have to confront my feelings If he does get traded, since this will really be the first trade of one of my players, that I really love. I think I’ll support him anywhere because the fact that he is a Phillie is only one part of why I love him.

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