what I keep inside my purse

I think what someone keeps with them at all times is pretty telling about them. So I thought I would share what I always carry with me.

  • cell phone: I didn’t have a nice, easy to use, new cell phone until the FALL OF MY SENIOR YEAR. I get not giving a ridiculous about stuff to your kids, but a cellphone is kind of necessity for safety reasons. I mean by the time I was 16 that fall, I was going off to places, and it would’ve been super helpful to be able to tell my parents where I was going. So now I am kind of addicted to my blackberry.
  • a copy of Emma: I always keep it in my backpack/purse. I have a cute little pocket addition too that I love, though this may be replaced with my kindle…or maybe I’ll carry both.
  • a purple pen: granted that I don’t lose it. but I love taking notes in purple
  • wallet: super exciting right guys?
  • a flash drive: just super helpful to have in college, in case email is down, which is often is at Agnes

and that’s about it. maybe not that telling to you, but to me, it represents such a simplification of my life since high school. When I was younger I would always carry a ridiculous amount of pens, a hairbrush, my camera, and makeup (which I don’t carry anymore because I am at a women’s college and I love not having to “impress” people with my perfect eyeliner, one time a day makeup is awesome!).



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4 responses to “what I keep inside my purse

  1. Kate

    I love this!! First, it reminds me of when Ally Sheedy dumps the contents of her purse out in The Breakfast Club. Second, I am insanely attached to my purse, which is pretty darn big and holds a lot of stuff. I even take it with me when I move from the living room to my bedroom at night because it has most everything I need in it:

    1. whatever the current book I am reading
    2. two knitting projects (always a blue scarf in there and then whatever personal project I am working on, which is carried in a little cloth pouch bag)
    3. a little pouch with all of my knitting/crafting needs : little scissors, pens, tapestry needles, tape measure, etc
    4. a little notebook that I always have with me to jot down notes and thoughts…..usually when I have lightbulb moments related to intersectional feminist theory.
    5. a Sharpie pen
    6. multiple kinds of Burt’s Bees lip balm and a little tube of Advil
    7. cell phone
    8. business cards
    9. wallet
    10. a Clif bar for a nutritional boost if I get called out to the ER
    11. three buttons on the front pocket: The Smiths (Meat Is Murder album cover), MST3K logo and the female symbol with a fist in the middle. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wow, that was a fun list to make! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I need to get a smaller bag to keep inside my large bag to keep knitting in. Because I love large bags, but not necessarily lots of stuff the yarn always rolls around and gets unraveled!

    and the scene with Ally Sheedy is my favorite! except for maybe the dancing…

  3. Kate


    Here’s the site where you can get the kind of project pouch/bag that I have. However, if you can sew (which I can’t) you could probably make one. The one I have is the simple little cotton drawstring bag. I got it at my yarn shop. This site has a lot of cute knitting bags. I am such a sucker for bags!!

  4. Pedro

    That certainly made me chuckle, and it is fairly surprising to see such a small list. Once I sat with my ex and asked her the same question… and it took us a very long time to get through everything. It was as if she had collided with fairly large supermarket.

    I find myself carrying a satchel since I’ve moved to the UK to keep whatever book it is that I am reading dry, as my chance of predicting the weather is only slightly higher than winning the lottery.

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