realistic new year’s resolutions

I never come up with new year’s resolutions during new year’s, but I’ve thought might this year. But they are realistic and mostly self-improving.

1. Stop biting my nails: This is always my new year’s resolution, but this year it is realistic because I’ve already stopped biting them! They are the prettiest they have ever been, which is great because my Agnes Scott Ring ceremony is coming up and there are a lot of hand pictures involved in this ceremony. I can’t wait!

2. Stop slut-shaming/gossiping about other women: I hate that most of my relationships with women are based on judging other women. I really want to work on this.

3. Make this scarf: It isn’t exactly a pattern, but I think I can figure it out from her thought process. And I think I like the bookshelf idea better, which I imagine I could include about six books on. Which ones would I choose!? Probably A Room with a View, Emma, Mrs. Dalloway, The Odyssey, Villette, and either Wuthering Heights or Don Quixote. I’ll have to plan it out as the titles are of such varying lengths, but what fun!


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  1. Kate

    OMG! I loooove that scarf idea!!

    Also, if you were using a fairly small gauge, you could knit the titles into the scarf instead of embroidering them. I have done charts with lettering and it’s easy/fun. I hate intarsia, so I’d probably do the scarf in the round and double sided.

    Goodness, my favorite books aren’t classics though…..what to do?! :/ I am sure I could think of something. 😀

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