favorite blogs

I read a lot of blogs,  and some of them are fabulous. So I wanted to share those!

This Pretty Space

This blog is hosted by tumblr, which is a great for image based blogs like this one. It basically just a collection of photos from various sources of gorgeous houses/living spaces. The girl who runs it, Jen, is super sweet and always friendly and we have very similar tastes when it comes to interior design.

She Was Write

I found this girl’s blog just roaming around the internet and I am pretty sure we are living parallel lives. Teddi, the author, is getting a degree in English Literature at a small school and just writes about books and her life and is always witty and very funny.

A Bloomsbury Life

I mentioned this blog in my last post. It really is fabulous,  there are always lots of pictures, originals and not, to accompany her text. Sometimes she posts adorable knitting patterns and sometimes delicious recipes.


One Girl’s Love Affair is the subtitle of this blog. Kim loves Anthropologie and I do too. A great thing about her blog is the reviews of pieces for sizing, which is great because I order a lot of stuff online from Anthropologie and I am always a little nervous about ordering stuff online. Also she posts her outfits daily, which almost always include at least one piece from anthro, but also pieces from cheaper stores like Target and Forever 21.

How to Be a Retronaut

This site is awesome. I featured it in March of last year in this post about how I was starting to use the internet for more interesting things then Facebook and research for school. Well, it is still awesome!


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