Spring has sprung (at least in my closet)

I am not known for my seasonal appropriateness. I was the child who wore velvet jumpers in the summer. Yeah, that was me.

And as soon as December is over, I think of one thing: SPRING FASHION.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my fall clothes, my boots, my tights, my sweaters. And down here in Gorjuhhh, even at the coldest, I am pretty warm with my trusted tights, boots and bright blue coat. So I never really got into winter white and various other winter bundle-y trends. So January and February are spent waiting for March when I begin to wear florals, cotton, and eyelets.

Currently, I am loving Kate Spade’s Spring 2011 Lookbook. As always, Spade is classy and sassy.

Magazine Tote, $255

Melody Dress, $445

Pineapple Grove Locket, $145 (my favorite!)

So it’s no secret that I love Kate Spade’s collections. But I also love her ads. This spring, for the first time, Kate Spade is using a celebrity as the face of the company, Bryce Dallas Howard. Using celebrities as models is always a little controversial, but I love the thus released spread!

So all I have to do it make it through January and February and I will be wearing polka dots, full-swingy skirts, and colored heels, and once again my life will have order.


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