end of the semester and merry christmas!

I have not blogged in a very long time. I’ve been so crazily busy with my research papers (1, 2, 3, 4 of them!) that I haven’t really thought about it.

But the semester ended pretty well. So far I know I got an A- on both my Tempest paper and my Barberini paper. Which is kind of weird because I feel like I worked incredibly hard on my Barberini paper, while no so much on my Tempest paper. I checked out books early from the library and I took notes, formed outlines, went to go see my professors, worked on my paper with my writing center tutor.  Basically all the things you are supposed to do when writing a research paper.

Then for my Tempest paper, I wrote the proposal that was due earlier than the paper. And that was it. My Jane Austen paper was due 9am on Wednesday, and I had researched a lot on that paper and even wrote some of it, but it was very long (16 pages). That turned into an all nighter, basically working from 5pm, when my journal review for my Contemporary Art class was due (so I thought, it was actually due a week later), until 6:30am, when I took a two hour nap and turned in my paper. I then slept for about 5 hours and worked on my Tempest paper (research and writing) from 2 until midnight. One good thing that happened was that I thought my Tempest paper was supposed to be 10-12 pages, but actually it was only supposed to be 8-10, so I could turn in my healthy nine page paper in without any shame.

I don’t know what I got on either my Jane Austen paper or my Contemporary Art and Theory exhibit design because those were both hard copies of papers turned in later in the exam period, so professors got them right as break began.

But it is also my birthday/Christmas week! and I got some wonderful things, mainly a Kindle! I love it so much already. The first book I got was Dark Water, which I started reading before exams but I had to return to the library because it was on inter-library loan. I also got all of Jane Austen, Vasari and Sherlock Holmes. Yay public domain!

Also, two of my textbooks are available for Kindle!

I really do need to watch how I spend my money on it though. I could easily imagine myself buying a hundred dollars worth of e-books that I don’t really even care about.

Other gifts I got include a Philadelphia Flyers shirt (which is a little ironic because I work at Philips Arena for the Thrashers, so…don’t tell my boss!), a travel mug as I cannot walk and drink out of a normal cup at the same time and the Art History department at Agnes has a penchant for 8:30 classes, and a few books about Florence, including Rick Steves’ Florence and Tuscany.

So Merry Christmas to everyone! and I’ll be back at school January 18th, so I think I’ll be back blogging then too, though I may write a review of this wonderful book that I am finally going to finish!


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