Actually the scheduling process is going pretty well. Here’s what I imagine I will be taking:

History of Photography with KSmith
Methods in Art and Art History with KSmith
British Literature Post 1700 with Dean Diedrick
European Women since the Middle Agnes with KKennedy

I wish I could take two English classes. But because I usually take post-1800, 300 level classes, I needed to take pre-1800, 200-level classes. But they are offering a grand total of TWO, and both are at the same time as Methods in Art History, which is a class that is super important that I take this spring and before my senior seminar. marp. I wish I had a time turner.

Also a possibility: auditing Trickster Theme in Classical Lit with JAbbot. the cutest professor alive. Just as a classical literature class, it is kind of useless in my double major. But I love Classical Literature and tricksters!


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