Classes Start Tomorrow!

Something I’ve always liked doing before classes start, even in high school is write down my expectations. And then see on how they match up with what the class is actually like. Like I thought I was going to hate my American Lit class first semester because I kind of hate American Lit. But Dean Diedrick totally helped me fall in love with it and now he is my advisor! Then last semester, I thought I was going to love my film class, but I hated it so much, from a combination of the time, the subject and the make up of the class.

So here it goes!

The Spectacle of Baroque Rome: I don’t really know about this class. I loved survey class of Art History, and I really like Baroque Art but the professor is visiting, so I don’t know anything about him. Still I am pretty excited.

Contemporary Art Post-1945: With KSmith! Gosh, I’ve never wanted to be like a teacher so much. She is just so cool! Her class is kind of like The Rachel Maddow Show, even if I’m not paying 100% attention, I still get smarter. Only problem is that is at 8:30 in the morning. But weirdly in college, I am kind of a morning person.

Jane Austen: If I hate this class, I will cry. I’ve never been so excited to take a class in my entire life.

Perspectives on Literature: Everyone I’ve talked to said that no one loves their theory class. So I’m not super excited, but I am excited about getting to have Steve Guthrie. He seems so cool.

Astronomy and Lab: It’ll be nice to take a science class that I am actually interested in. That hasn’t happened since my 7th grade life science class that consisted of eating lunch by a lake. Every day.



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2 responses to “Classes Start Tomorrow!

  1. neil

    Oh, I loved my theory class! And I love Guthrie! So you should be set. It will definitely be different than most English classes, though…

  2. I was pretty excited about it after I got the syllabus. I think Steve Guthrie may have written the most beautiful syllabus I’ve ever read. Very impressive.

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