inspiration for the dorm room style

Apparently my dorm room theme for this year is art nouveau, post-impression, peacock crafty. I have so far made a decoupaged side table, and am coloring a peacock headboard!


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3 responses to “inspiration for the dorm room style

  1. I really love the headboard. What do you want to do with your English degree after you graduate?

  2. I am really looking at things that combine my love of English and Art History. So possibly something in Arts Administration, Museum Management, or publishing.
    For so long I thought I would go to academia, but I don’t think I want to make a direct job out of things that I love so much because I am afraid that I would get burned out.

  3. The art history side of your English interest gives a different twist to your opportunities and I think museum work or publishing could both be very cool…. My dream is to be a professor, however, I too fear getting burnt out.

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