Short Film Sunday: Confection

One of the first short film that I saw when we got IFC. Very cute.



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3 responses to “Short Film Sunday: Confection

  1. Hi, thank you for the comment. I wanted to tell you that I really like your blog. I am a English Literature major too (junior) at a small school in Pennsylvania. Do you have a concentration or emphasis within you literature major? I’m American lit, late nineteenth century and beyond. I love the title of your blog and the reference to Mrs. Dolloway. Have you seen the movie “The Hours”? Sorry for all the questions. I think we could have a lot to talk about!

    • Within my major, there is nothing specific. Like I don’t choose a time or area but I mostly interested in 1. British Victorian Literature, 2. Bloomsbury 3. South American 20th Century. But yes I have seen The Hours! Have you read the book? I read it when I was doing research on Woolf, and I loved it more than the movie. Still, put Julianne, Meryl and Nicole in any movie, much less about Virginia Woolf, I am on board.

  2. P.S. I added you to my blogroll!

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