and the schedule changes once again…

Yeah, I didn’t think I would have too many “school-related” posts over the summer either. Because that would make sense because I am not in school.

But the art department at the more-missed-everyday Agnes Scott just announced an additional art history class to the catalog: The Art of Spectacle in Baroque Rome. From the course description, it seems to be a really interdisciplinary course about the history of the Papal Court and the resulting art. Which is pretty exciting. Granted, I’d much rather take a class about the Renaissance in Florence (my love of the Medici family is far and wide), but this is still pretty awesome. Because Caravaggio is probably my third greatest Art History crush, after John Singer Sargent and Edouard Manet. Also Velazquez is Baroque, and we’re supposed to be studying other court painters (read Velazquez) to contrast the Roman papal court.



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5 responses to “and the schedule changes once again…

  1. Now that is a class I would totally take. What have you decided?

  2. I think I’ve definitely taking it. It fits perfectly into my “three-day weekend plan” because it is on Monday/Wednesday!

  3. I took a Baroque art history class in college (I was an art history minor)….and loved it. While Caravaggio warms the cockles of my heart, Gentileschi is my favorite Baroque artist…..A. Gentileschi that is, not O. 🙂

    I am so envious….I really miss art history classes.

    Also, did I tell you that one of my favorite profs in grad school wrote a book on clothing in Renaissance Florence? If you’d like, I can see about acquiring you a copy….signed even! 🙂

    • Ooo, I love Artemsia Gentileschi too! I think I saw Sister Wendy’s episode where she goes to see Judith Slaying Holofernes and she says something cute about all the blood in her little British nun voice.

      And that book sounds so interesting! I love watching documentaries about the Medicis primarily for the hats that Cosimo and Lorenzo rocked.

  4. Katherine I would love to acquire that book. Can you send me the title and Author so that I can read it myself. I did my bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising and will be pursuing a PhD in Medieval European Cultures…

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