career goals

For someone who was so set on being a high-school English teacher for so long, college sure has thrown a wrench in my plans. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I really love doing and I came up with a few things because I really just want a job where I can do something I love and get paid for it.

  1. Watching TV/movies
  2. Watching sports games
  3. Going to museums

So right now what I’m looking into for eventual grad schools/internships/jobs is stuff I never thought I would really do. Number one right now is working in TV somehow. I really like the way Turner is set up, and I’m really interested in applying for an internship at TCM once I am eligible. Or working at a film festival in programming and event planning. Also, this summer, hanging out with my dad and brother, I’m realizing just how much I love sports. I’ve always love writing about sports. I was the high school football co-blogger for the Atlanta Journal Constitution my junior year, and I really love writing the sports articles for the Profile at Agnes. Agnes doesn’t have a journalism program really, and has even less of a sports journalism possibility (as in not one), but if I could get an internship at a newspaper or TV station, and maybe go to graduate school for sports journalism.

I’m also getting interested again in possibly designing children’s museum exhibits, or like paper handouts and materials for a museum, working on the auxiliary and fringe aspects, outside of the actual curatorial work.



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2 responses to “career goals

  1. neil

    we should talk shop sometime…i worked at a children’s museum, and it’s a whole lot of fun for the folks who plan the curriculum. also i’d just like to say that often it’s better to not have a b.a. in journalism when you’re looking at journalism grad schools–they’re looking for diversity of majors!

    hope you’re having a good summer.

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