summer update: hitchcock and florence

My summer forays have been limited thus far. But still it has been fun. I’m basically on a Hitchcock/Film Noir bender. Strangers on a Train, Notorious and Spellbound so far. And I just got To Catch a Thief today and I’m watching Double Indemnity tomorrow.

A better, more exciting realization is that I could go somewhere. I guess I forgot that I was an adult or something. So now I’m looking for a summer job so that I can save up and go to Florence next spring break. I’ll have work-study again next year, which will help. My desire to go to Florence is really based on my love of the Medicis and E.M. Forster. So those are my plans for the summer. 1. Become Grace Kelly or Ingrid Bergman through osmosis of Hitchcock films 2. Save money.


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