the Rodin museum, Philadelphia, PA

a missed blogging opportunity that I am now seizing

So about two weeks ago I think, my father and I drove up to Philly to pick up my twin brother from his college. I love my brother and was so excited about seeing him, but my desire in driving 14 hours straight each way was not completely selfless. In Philadelphia, there is the Rodin Museum, the second greatest collection of Rodin works outside of the Museè Rodin in Paris. But my twin does not go to school in Paris. Still a great thing about Rodin is that he was a bronze worker, so he made multiple casts.

My favorite thing about the museum is that is something we don’t get a lot here in the south. We have a lot of regional museums, and usually the goal of regional museums is to acquire lesser known works of big artists, or one or two really great pieces by big artists, and then a lot of lesser known works by lesser known artists. I am not bashing regional museums at all; I almost prefer them to big art museums that are super intimidating. Just their permanent collections tend to be like a random crash course in art history. Here in Atlanta, the High has the opportunity to have amazing travelling collections which have a more focused background. They had the traveling Louvre exhibit in three sections over three years, and just announced a Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit coming in January 2011.

But the Rodin Museum had depth into a singular artist that the High can never have/doesn’t really want to have, even in their travelling exhibitions. I got to start at the beginning of his work and travels through it. I saw studies next to finished pieces, the minute next to the monumental and it was a beautiful experience that my dad and I both enjoyed. If you are in Philly, please go check it out, even if you don’t like art. 1. IT IS FREE. 2. Because it is limited to the works of Rodin, the museum can be knocked out in about 1 1/2, 3. Also because the works are Rodin they are super detailed so you really could spend all day there. 4. Even if you don’t like art, the larger than life figures are so monumental that you have a visceral reaction to them. 5. It is right near the PMA, which though not free is a great museum, even though I didn’t get to go this time.

The Burghers of Calais

Me at the Gates of Hell, Rodin's unfinished masterpiece

Rodin's signature


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