I believe I wrote my last blog post in a fit of biscuit induced frenzy.

I just want to point out that I LOVE CREATIVE WRITING MAJORS. I love Anna and Katie and all my other friends who are creative writing majors. I feel like I didn’t clarify that enough. When I judge people for being Creative Writing majors, I mean that I can’t understand the logic because I have never gotten the literal buzz that I get from creative writing that I get reading, researching and writing papers. I am super jealous of those people who do enjoy it so much. Even on this blog, I feel like my writing is just really jumbled thoughts that I try to get out on something and in a record. And as for the newspaper, I really like writing sports pieces, not features and news like the wonderfully brilliant Anna Cabe, honestly because I enjoy athletics not because I enjoy the act of writing the pieces.

main point: I love my creative writing majors, and I don’t judge you because you are lesser, I judge you because I am a humble, jealous being.


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  1. Okey-doke, clarification taken!

    But no worries, Emma! I think I got what you meant.

    (And I’m glad someone likes writing sports news for the paper because I feel horribly inadequate attempting to decipher all the strange rules of non-basketball-related sports :-O)

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