possible addition to my schedule: art of the andes; and research dilemma

Ahh! Am I ready to give up the coveted four day weekend? I don’t know, but Art of the Andes looks like a lot of fun! And I love Pre-Colombian art. And it is a 200 level class, which I should be in, opposed to a 300 level where the prerequisite was eliminated for a semester.

I’m talking to my advisor tomorrow, and that’ll help. Seriously, everyone: talk to your advisors. They are so super helpful!

And on another AHH and UGH moment. AHH: I have an actual thesis for my Auden paper! I am talking about how he uses biblical imagery and the phrase “felix osculum,” a variant of “felix culpa” or fortunate fall, in his agruement that marriage is less selfish and more self-serving than carnal love.

UGH moment: Lucy Snowe hates Catholics. Lucy Snowe pretends to be a Catholic. Lucy Snowe falls in love with a Catholic. Lucy Snowe is a better person. Lucy Snowe still hates Catholics. What?! I’m having a lot of trouble understanding anti-Papal tendencies in Victorian England in relation to Villette. There were a lot of novels about a woman falling under the spell of the church, but Villette seems to portray them as not completely “other”  yet Lucy still expresses all this scorn towards them. Again, I’m going to talk to my professor on Thursday about this, and hopefully I can gain some insight into what Bronte is doing.


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