advising with dean diedrick and kasmith.

This is probably my favorite time of the year. Picking out classes for next year. Maybe because I love wishful thinking or always think the grass is greener. I don’t know exactly, but I love it. Mostly I just like Excel spread sheets!

Next semester the plan is to take…drum roll…only classes on Tuesday/Thursday. Yay for four day weekends! But I am planning on taking, Contemporary Art and Theory, Survey of the Solar System and Lab, Authorial Studies: Jane Austen, and Perspectives on Literature, what is required of all English majors. And my day is over by 3:15, except when I have lab on Tuesday.



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3 responses to “advising with dean diedrick and kasmith.

  1. Miss Bennet

    Having gone the 4-day weekend route before, I can say it’s pretty sweet if done correctly. Just make sure to do your Thursday homework over the weekend, because you will sleep through Wednesday. And yay Jane, I’m so excited for that class! We might have Astronomy together too.

  2. elaine

    I love organizing new classes. I’ve never been able to get days free of classes, but I hope you left space for lunch.
    I found your blog randomly (maybe I was googling Trousdale, maybe), and I really like it.

  3. Thanks Elaine! and I think all of us Trous-fan girlies have succumbed to occasional google. No shame in that.

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