It is the weekend. Yet somehow, my weekends are usually stressful because I catch up on a lot of work on the weekend.

But I did manage to successfully make something and de-stress! I used the pattern from Little Home Blessings, which was super easy to read and make.  I used size 9/6mm needles, but the pattern is written for a small boy and I tend to knit loose, so if I were a tighter knitter or intending to make a hat for a child, I’d definitely downside to maybe a size 7. I wish I could remember what yarn I used. I just have the really bad tendency to buy yarn and then not use it forever after I roll up into a ball so I usually lose the tags. But I definitely recommend the pattern!

peacock colored hat in the dorm room

I really love knitting to de-stress, especially with bamboo needles which are so smooth. Also when I knit, I make sure to listen to music with super great beats that is still chill like Vampire Weekend or The Decemberists.

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  1. It looks beautiful! I’m so glad that the pattern worked out for you!

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