Mina Loy eats Auden[‘s place in my brainstorming process]

So I haven’t written in awhile, probably a result of my Victorian Lit paper being due on Wednesday, my brainstorming for 2 10 page/1 20 page paper for Modern Poetry, and the three articles I decided to sign up for for the next Profile edition.

Also, I rediscovered Netflix insta-watch.

But guess which of my writing goals for this week would be helped  by my blogging?!?

If you know anything about feminist, Modernist poets, you probably guessed right. Or if you read the title of this blog post. My brainstorming for Modern Poetry class.

Originally I wanted to write a 20 page paper about Auden because I adore Auden and he is pretty awesome at poetry. And I still plan to write a 10 page paper about him.

But I then discovered Mina Loy, by means of Rachel Trousdale, the wonderful prof for Modern Poetry. And Mina is wonderful as well. It is pretty cool how she was a heterosexual feminist when those ideas were running mostly in circles of homosexual women. Plus Mina was hanging out with all these super misogynistic men. Yet she just rocked it out and wrote these poems with a unique perspective.

We were discussing in class the other day her spin on the ideas of the Imagist poets, like H.D, with the addition of the “I’  in the poem and how the reaction of a speaker changes the philosophy and interpretation of the poem. I think for my paper I’d like to write about this in the context of her poem “Sketch of a Man on a Platform.” But I’m not sure if this is breaking the rules of the paper that we are only supposed to write about one poet. I won’t be writing about H.D or other Imagist poets specifically, but it would be helpful if I could allude to them as secondary sources for the main idea. I think this will be okay for the paper, but I’m planning on meeting with Prof. Trousdale soon to discuss it.


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3 responses to “Mina Loy eats Auden[‘s place in my brainstorming process]

  1. Loy moved back to London at the turn of the century and continued studying art, as well as exhibiting some of her original work. Juliet Poems

  2. Miss Bennet

    I can’t imagine her not being okay with it, honestly she’ll probably be ecstatic that you’re writing on Loy. I don’t foresee a lot of papers being written on her.

  3. Yeah, she is pretty intense. But I think I’m up for the challenge.
    Especially because she is pretty new to be studied there isn’t a lot of criticism on her.

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