advisers! and Barcelona

Yay! I now have an adviser in each of my intended majors. Professor Smith, my assigned major for Art History [how did Agnes know that I would love Art History so much!?] and Dean Diedrick, my much beloved professor of American Lit, Post-1700, for English Literature.

Now I’m working on getting approved for a non-Agnes approved study abroad program. Really that just means that I pay the school in Spain instead of paying Agnes and them paying the school. But it makes it harder to get into. Thus I am also applying for an Agnes approved program.

The first program is in Barcelona. I really want to go to Barcelona.

  1. They speak Catalan there. I am really interested in studying Catalan literature in graduate school and it has a really specific that is hard to get in the United States in an undergraduate program.
  2. I want to go to the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain, near Barcelona.
  3. And I like the idea that in Catalan, they don’t have the annoying lisp sound that they have in normal Spain Spanish. [BarTHElona]

In other news, I’m applying to be a Writing Center tutor. So many applications! I thought this ended once I got into to high school, but that was all a lie.

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