newspapermen in film

Examples of people working in one medium that is being eaten by another.

You know how women whose fathers are doctors always have a thing for doctors? I guess I’m kind of that for newspapermen. I love movies when you can see a newsroom. They always look so exciting. I’m on the newspaper at Agnes Scott, and it isn’t exactly hectic or hard-hitting. But I love it. And I love the way old movies make newspapermen appear as angels of justice and words. But they are also sassy. and nearly always the good guys. Except maybe Citizen Kane. but he is a publishing giant, not really a journalist, per se.

Number one all time favorite newspaper movie? His Girl Friday. Rosalind Russel is the perfect Howard Hawkes heroine and has the best hats ever. As well as 1. gets the story before the bumbling, poker-playing, lazy journalist. 2 makes dirty jokes “shot him in the ads”…”no, ADS” 3. runs after the story, literally, in five inch heels. She is wonderful. Then there is Cary Grant as Walter Burns. He is suave, controlling, manipulative, but only in the sweetest way ever. This movie is also not copyrighted for some reason. So it is on TV all the time. And is now available on instaplay on Netflix and Fancast.

Another oldie, but a goodie: It Happened One Night. Doesn’t take place in a newsroom at all, much less exclusively like His Girl Friday which I believe has a total of three or four scenes that are not in a newsroom/newspaper headquarters. But Clark Gable as a newspaper man and Claudette Colbert as an heiress before they weren’t all cray-crazy? Delicious and witty. Also the ultimate road trip movie. Actually that may be The Grapes of Wrath or Little Miss Sunshine [really the same thing] but those are a bit of a downer. TGoW more so. But It Happened One Night is uplifting and portrays a lovely love/hate relationship between journalist and editor.

Anything with Superman. So Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker don’t always have the best relationship with the press. But Clark Kent IS the press. That is pretty badass.

A more serious movie, All the President’s Men, definitely the best movie about newspaper ever. Also the best/worst political scandal to be uncovered by newspaper. Plus Robert Redford-yum.


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  1. Ooh, I love It Happened One Night and His Girl Friday!

    And film/television journalists were part of the reason why I started thinking of being one!

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