stream of consciousness while watching NBC comedy thursday on friday morning

-never wears shoes, never wears a shirt, why hasn’t he died of lack of service
-cute bad movie secret handshake!
-annie’s hand mistaken for abed [troy and abed-cutest couple]
-gimme some fivesies. two cool handshakes before the opening credits
-gateway douchebag
-don’t get all upper east side on this shit
-clear your head:DONE
-and she’s jewish?
-community college comedy troupe
-everything is connected. tarantulas and peeing in my pants.
-you KNOW babies are extra cute…whenn….”they’re both really cute?”
-FINALLY a meta chevy chase joke!
-what is with Jeff’s silly henley? looks better while sitting
-vonn has a matching henley.

Parks and Recreation
-as far as white leather suits go
-duck tokens
-plus-sized chunk monsters
-stop sidebarring! new action and corresponding catch phrase
-dave matthes played on a roomba, as it should be
-worst haunting ever: black eyed peas on continuous loop

The Office
-dunder mifflin is part of sabray

30 Rock
-food baby! liz lemon, we are one
-who is playing Jenna’s mom!?!?!?
-lady from old school snl???
-who keeps a frown in a pocket?
-sith lord and italian jesus.
-frank and tracy. no frank and liz in one apartment.
-different strokes proved irrevocably that smoking kills
-perfect-like a John Mayer song
-new nice outfit choice: white jeans and dan marino jerseys
-I’ve been a liar and a dental hygienist
-most perfect jenna-mom duet ever [and jenna has a microphone in her purse!]
-just like the ending of all movies
-thanks meat cat.


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