favorite words

I love words. It makes sense that certain ones make my spine shiver a little bit because they are so much fun and purposeful.

10. wooing-I like the oo sound a lot because it is romantic like “oo” and “aw.” And the w is so little in this word, it is like a wooing lover

9. sang-froid- a French word. It means something similar to poise. But I really don’t like the OY sound. hence my French counterpart.

8. crinoline-It may just be me…but I think the word looks like it expanding from the middle, like a crinoline makes a skirt do. and I like that

7. zeugma-My favorite literary device, probably just because of the name. It is when one word with two definitions governs two different words; examples: “Are you getting fit or having one?” Hawkeye Pierce from M*A*S*H, or “Life’s getting my big break
and laryngitis” “Without Love”-Hairspray

6. afternoon-The word bores out its meaning with its parts. And it is my favorite part of my day.

5. aubergine-My favorite color, but I would never call it eggplant.

4. pamplemousse-A favorite word of  a lot people. And not in English. But wouldn’t you rather order “une pamplemouse avec sucre”  than “a grapefruit with sugar”?

3. felicity-A word meaning “an instance of happiness” that makes my mouth feel happy with I say it. Form follows function!

2. penultimate-Just because I like the idea of “penultimate” being my penultimate word.

1. quixotic-Originating from one of my favorite characters who exemplifies craziness. I would rather be quixotic, foolish in pursuit of ideals, than practical without ideals.


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