in a previous life, I was from Kentucky

first of all.

I love Georgia. I love Coca-Cola and kind of baby barf if I have to drink Pepsi. I think Waffle House is way classier than most people assume. And I don’t even eatfried chicken unless it comes with a smiling “Welcome to Chic-fil-a.”

But here is a list of reason I believe I am really from Kentucky. or at least half and half; Kentucky and Georgia.

  1. I love Kentucky Basketball. My cousin played for them in the late nineties, so actually for a long time I associated Kentucky and the sport with a lot of family stress. But this season, I have realized how much I LOVE COLLEGE BASKETBALL. It also helps that Coach Cal is amazing and we’re doing well this season. I bleed Blue, there’s no way around it.
  2. Patty Loveless’ album “Mountain Soul” is probably in the top five albums that defines who I am. along with “Bookends,” “Rubber Soul,” “Ladies of the Canyon,” and “Songs About Jane”
  3. My favorite part of the movie The Last of the Mohicans is when Chingachook tells Hawkeye to go to “can-tuck-ee”
  4. one time I met Ashely Judd at a Kentucky Basketball game. and she is just about the classiest Southern lady ever.

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