delicious=george emerson

first I have to say. I generally hate Helena Bonham-Carter. I hate all celebrities that break up celebrity couples that I have deemed to be perfect for each other. Another example it Brangelina. I only enjoy Brad Pitt up until 2005. Though with HBC, I can stand Kenneth Branagh, the other offending party their love-affair because Emma Thompson has found the gorgeous, wonderful Greg Wise.
so until Jennifer Aniston finds love, Brad Pitt is dead to me post-2005.
BUTTTTT, Helena Bonham-Carter, as much as I would want to slap her in real life, is kind of awesome. and I mean it all worked out…sort of. She is committed to Tim Burton. And Kenneth is married to Lindsey Brunnock–who Bonham-Carter introduced him to?…!?

whatevs.point of post. just got over my HBC hating enough to watch A Room with a View all the way through and omg. some where between George, bustle, cool hat, George, Italian murder, Italian piazzas, George, Maggie Smith and another cool bustle I fell in love. with GEORGE EMERSON.
you are a beautiful eccentric.
and now I understand why this is the movie is my mom’s favorite movie that she most wants to live in.

could I have one please? kthx. oh, and that hat. and that hair. and that Italy. that’d be nice.


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  1. I like this. I like it a lot. But if you ever feel the need to hate her again, try "Wings of The Dove".It's like BIIIIIITCH!PEACE AND LOVE

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