golden globe winners-a review

Best Supporting Actress

Mo’Nique for Precious: I can see this fitting in the logic of the Golden Globes but I do not see Mo’Nique taking home the Oscar. Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars is my single favorite category in any award show ever. EVER. I’m very defensive and protective of it. and I’m saying Julianne Moore or Anna Kendrick will rock it out in February.

Best Actress in a Comedy or a Musical
Meryl Streep for Julie & Julia: Of course, Meryl always deserves the Globe. And snaps for surpassing Jack and Angela in total wins! This role definitely has the best chance for a comedic Best Actress this year.
Best Screenplay-Motion Picture
Jason Reitman, Sheldon Turner for Up in the Air: Yay. This writing really was amazing and was executed quite well by the cast. I’m still surprised Precious didn’t get nominated for this category. I think it will for the Oscars and may take the Oscar, but if the Academy knows better they will see the genius that is Jason Reitman. [more on that later]
Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds: eh. I’m still thinking Stanley Tucci as creepy pedophile man in The Lovely Bones is going to take the Oscar. The preview alone made me hate Stanley. and I LOVE STANLEY.
Best Director-Motion Picture
James Cameron for Avatar: Bull…wait for it…shit. In 10, 20, 30 years, the world will look back at 2009 and say “why did anyone like Avatar?” because by then the graphics and 3-d effects will look dated and old and the acting, writing and directing will still suck, just then every one will be able to see it because they are no longer ooo and awwing over 3-d.
Jason Reitman had the right to looked pissed afterwards. He deserved the Globe and will win the Oscar.
Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy
The Hangover: Probably the funniest movie of the year. But not the best movie of the year that was in the category. That would be (500) Days of Summer or It’s Complicated. Since the Academy has been in the mood for changing the rules lately I propose a new category. What is there were separate things for like “funny movies” and then “comedys.” Because granted I laughed three times as much as The Hangover then either (500) or Complicated, which does require skill from the director, writers and actors but it does not make it the best movie. Maybe a sub category in screenplay. Like best comedic screenplay.
Best Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama
Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side: Prime globe material that probably won’t even get nominated for an Oscar. Carey Mulligan is going to take ALL OF Y’ALL. so get ready.
Best Actor in a Motion Picture-Comedy
Robert Downey, Jr. for Sherlock Holmes: Props for the best acceptance speech of the night. The only serious candidate from the comedy category to potentially have a nomination in February.
Best Actor in Motion Picture-Drama
Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart: Best Actor will literally be a race between George and Jeff at this point. My vote is with George. because my heart is with George. swoon. But yay for indie films!
Best Motion Picture-Drama
Avatar: I hate you, Hollywood Foreign Press. You just proved to the world that the Academy is way classier.
Ricky Gervais’ hosting gets a C-, got us through the night without too many annoyances, but I didn’t laugh at all.


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  1. the hangover?!?… egh, i honestly couldn't believe it… egh…the globes are always just kind of "bleh" for me… my favs are the sags, then the oscars.

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