goals and globes: a review.

my new year’s goals are coming along nicely. I’m running a lot and finished my first book on my list of books to read, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. review to come later. I might do january’s together is one fabooklous post.

this post is dedicated to the 2010 Golden Globes, otherwise known as the blemish on the 2009-2010 awards season that was James Cameron winning [stealing] best director from Jason Reitman. But more on that later.
First. to FASHION.
So it seems like dresses were in reds, purples, neutrals and glitter this year. Some fabulous, some not so much.
all pictures either from the golden globes official website or justjared.com

chloe, dear. I know you are fashion forward thinking and love to look of the mark. but this dress looks like it was put on sideways. like the ruffles were all up near her face and kept hitting her face as she walked. but the color is lovely. her hair is way too severe however.

nicole kidman. My mother and I discussed the fact that she should be unable to wear this color. 1. because of her hair color 2. because of her skin tone 3. she still looks fabulous. Chloe, this is how you do funky draping and ruffles.

Penelope seems to be channels her grandmama of acting inspiration, Sophia Loren and looking exotic and distant. I like the shot with the umbrella too.

More Ruffles! Love Christina Hendricks. I feel the color would have been better had it been more yellow and less pink. Her red hair has so many warm undertones. This may be one of the only peplums I’ve ever liked. Though it is like a half-peplum.

one of my favorites of the night! Kristen Bell looked so youthful. I wish the asymmetrical hem had been a little bit shorter because she is so short that when shot from the front it really cut her legs in half and she looked nubby. But from this angle she looks wonderful!

wtf January Jones? ruffles gone wrong. headband gone wrong. she always seems to be distancing herself from Betty Draper. but she looks good as Betty Draper! Bring Betty Back!

like the color, can deal with the chinchilla on the shoulder, but do we need a twin on the hip? that answer, Drew, is no.

young hollywood take note, THIS is how to young, classy, refined and like you have a career ahead of you. Edgy but classic, the color and lines are simple but have the black lace overlay to add edge and youth.

Kate’s dress looks like it should be half a foot shorter. And take those shoes off. my feet hurt.

Maybe because I hated Avatar, maybe because I hate grandmother’s curtains, I kind of hate Zoe Saldana’s dress. It doesn’t even fit her. or does it? I can’t tell. too many bows and ribbons and ruffles and drapes.

I love Tina and I love this dress. She usually just wears black but this simple and cute but fun with pattern.

Love the colored shoes with hunter green almost as a neutral. Go Pregnant Amy.

I really like this one shoulder rocked by Anna Kendrick. Somehow even with the whiteness, the beading and the train, it stays red carpet and doesn’t look too bridal or something.

how to wear red on the red carpet: look adorable and sassy like amy poehler, preferably with tall, dark and funny arm candy

if Zoe Saldana’s dress is grandmom’s curtains, what is that? Grandma’s tissues.

Cute couple again. And I like the sparkles, Anna Paquin. hate the clunky shoes.

one of my favorite dresses was from a date! idk her name, but Colin Farrel’s lovely lady in navy is rocking the mermaid silhouette and sweetheart neckline.

again youth looking youthful! loves it.

lea michele’s dress was huge! but so is her personality and awesomeness. I loved her hair by the way.

I like the pink tutu sort of thing going on, but Emily! your hair is so flat. and parted down the middle. Her hair looks like a seventh grade school photo, including at home curling job.

Jayma Mays looks super happy and super edgy. I really like the pattern that is an impact but subtle as well with the sheer layers and zoomed out view.

My ultimate dream: to be Miss Golden Globe.

Diane Kruger what are you doing? The dress isn’t even steamed really, it looks like it has wrinkles in the bottom.

I usually love Julianne Moore’s style, but the band across her collarbone of ruffles and then a column of gray? matronly.

Love the color, love the shape, but the thin layers didn’t look good on camera with lights behind it.

My favorite fashion risk taker! Ginnifer Goodwin is so edgy with her cobalt blue dress and short hair.


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2 responses to “goals and globes: a review.

  1. was it just me, or was fashion at the globes completely underwhelming this year?and you didn't get pics of my favs – olivia wilde and marion cotillard!

  2. You are right! I was underwhelmed as a whole. The Globes are a party, people either looked overdressed or underdressed. And I couldn't find an angle that I like the picture of Marion Cotillard's dress but it was lovely! She is such a risk-taker and I love it. As for Olivia, I actually missed the red carpet coverage and I only saw her dress on stage and I think the lighting made it look a less spectacular. I just saw it on the red carpet photo and the gunmetal tones were gorgeous!

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