Up in the Air-Review

With all the Oscar Buzz and the promise of George Clooney’s face, I knew I had to go see it.

Though I did not know that I would love it. George Clooney is playing his suave charming self, except more isolated that normal, in a job that requires him to fly around the country and fire people. He also has to take recent college grad Natalie under his wing to show her the ropes after she suggests that the company goes online which would prevent George Clooney’s character from reaching his goal of 10 million frequent flyer miles.
all while he is having an affair with the beautiful Vera Farmiga, who I’ve never heard of but it lovable and hate inducing at the same time.
Anna Kendrick, was absolutely wonderful as Natalie, the girl who has planned her life to a T and sees it falling apart in front her well starched skirt-suit.
and SNAPS to JASON REITMAN. I love him. my vote for best director goes to him. It was shot beautifully and the way the travelling was portrayed as well as the familial relationships was so poignant.
The movie also captured the distance and effort of human connection that is so personified in airports. which I love about airports but not that many people understand.
George Clooney is charismatic and wonderful as always but this may be the best he’s ever been. I’m calling Oscar right now.

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