Could Claudette Colbert get cuter? She rocks the too-short bangs and pencil thin eyebrows harder than anyone could ever dream to. It Happened One Night is one of my favorite movies of all time. and I love the clothes. There are about two outfits in the whole thing though, so you wouldn’t think I’d get inspo from it right? negativo, my friend.
I mean they are travelling from Miami to New York and she has a sweater and skirt and an adorable kid hat. plus her wedding dress. albeit fabulous, I can’t just wear a wedding dress in homage to Claudette. but I do love those pjs!
Of course Clark is looking swanky. I adore him in this. I undercover hate Gone With the Wind. I know. I am a horrible southerner or whatever. But the women are annoying and the men are abusive and/or drips. But Clark is just wonderful in this movie. I’m am a sucker for newspaper men. (Cary Grant in His Girl Friday? yes please)
A recent viewing of this movie has me craving some mens-style pajamas a la these:

some more adorable pjs for you. I LOVE THE BANANAS IN PYJAMAS. so cute



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3 responses to “pajamaspajamaspajamas

  1. Aww… Bananas in pajamas! So cute πŸ™‚

  2. i loved bananas in pajamas a lot when i was little. i always wanted the stuffy but i never got it for my birthday or christmas!

  3. i love it happened one night!so sorry to hear that you're not into gone with the wind.clark as rhett… yes please!!maybe cause i grew up near charleston πŸ™‚

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