inspiration december09/january2010 [thinking of spring]

went shopping today with my mom for christmas presents for the family. and I realized that I hate “fall colors.” at least to wear. and idk why but they seem to bleeding into winter. reds and oranges and yellows. NOOOOO. give me jewel tones, pleaseeeeeeee. so I’m pining for spring right now.

anna sui’s rtw spring 2010 collection looks like a peacock feather

primavesi by klimt, she looks like a model at the end of a runway no?

love the crinoline betsey johnson!

zooey deschanel and ben gibbard. my favorite indie couple.

behnaz sarafpour rtw spring 2010, reminds me of rosalind russell in his girl friday

behnaz sarafpour rtw spring 2010-love the asymmetry

behnaz sarafpour rtw spring 2010, mmm mustard, my favorite warm color


anne hathaway at 2009 golden globes. love the color. I love purpley-navy in the spring



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2 responses to “inspiration december09/january2010 [thinking of spring]

  1. I'm so with you! I love bright colors of spring and summer, but when fall comes around I just revert to black. So not into orange. Ew.

  2. J

    Emma, I am supposed to say this cool and it is.

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