I go to William McKinley High School on Wednesday @ 9/8c

Glee Winter Finale

Okay, disclaimer: I love Glee. all the kids are adorable and Mr. Schue is so cute. I love the singing and the dancing. And spoilers.
But what is up with the plot inconsistencies?
1st It takes like a good 12 minutes after sectionals for the decision to be revealed. I understand the tension. but it was awkwardly placed.
2nd Quinn references giving the baby to Mrs. Schuester, but I thought the kids already knew that Will left his wife because of the non-baby?
3rd. Finn asks Mr. Schue if he’s heard anything. Mr. Schue was there when you confronted Quinn and Puck! Understandable that he in a moment of distress, but Mr. Schue interacted with him at that point and even if Finn didn’t remember the audience does and it seems silly.
4th. Will gives the list to Sue. But the kids act like he doesn’t, and Brittany owns up to it. While she may have given Sue the set list, Sue has no reason for spies because she’s co-director of the Glee club.
Small problems.
The focus is obviously on the singing and dancing.
but I’m not complaining too loudly.
awesome job Lea Michele. I’ve probably listened to her “Don’t Rain on My Parade” probably a dozen times in the past three hours. I love when she said “I do have something that I’ve been working on since I was four.” Of course! I also loved how Rachel sneaked back into the back a bit in the next song. she’s come so far.
Amber Riley [“And I’m Telling You”] was wonderful too.
Cory Monteith, good job. I don’t know if it was his acting or the writing, but his dramatic acting and “gung-ho” attitude when he comes to the rescue kind of annoyed me. But he pulled it off better in the finale.
“Can’t Always Get What You Want”- as unrealistic that they could be that good in an hour, I liked how the dancing was little weak. they did look unrehearsed. good and realistic.
[Side note: how happy am I that Rachel got rid of the middle part? I hate middle parts. Unless You’re Amanda Bynes, you don’t look good.]
And I loved how “My Life Would Suck Without You” incorporated the best of choreography from the season
Mr. Schue and Emma are together!
now for Finn and Rachel…

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  1. love glee!!!!lynch is hysterical!!cute blog++

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