birken gainsbourg family

Jane Birken, Serge Gainsbourg and their progeny, Charlotte, are beautiful and have of hold on my interest. A few other people do this as being so supremely interesting; Katharine Hepburn, Angelica Huston, Buddy Holly. and I could very well write this post about the Rossellini-Bergman family.

my first exposure to birken-gainsbourg world was the birken bag reference on sex and the city.
which is funny because jane birken supposedly commented on how when her daugther would come to america people would ask her if she was the daughter of the bag.

later, in november of 2007, lisa robinson wrote this fascinating article about the home/world of Serge Gainsbourg for Vanity Fair. now as much as I regret it, I am not a regular Vanity Fair reader. whenever I read it I feel terribly bourgeois. And the text is really tiny. but this picture captured me:

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg on the set of the movie Slogan, June 1968. By Gilles Caron/Contact Press Images.

They look so supremely happy.

Of course, Serge was a raging alcoholic…but this is right when they were about to get married/just married.

I imagine Jane as sort of backwards Eleanor of Aquitaine. Eleanor was French best known for marrying an Englishman, but a formidable woman in her own right, and Jane was just this flipped. An Englishwoman so intertwined with French culture with a completely French daughter.
Charlotte! my favorite part of I’m Not There, a movie I found pretentious and annoying except for a few select parts. Well those select parts when the little boy obsessed with woody guthrie, heath ledger, cate blachett, and CHARLOTTE.

but seriously. check out that vanity fair article.

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