Short Films/Oscars’ Prep

I’m a sucker for disenfranchised art forms. [I know art forms have no right to vote, but if feature length films did, you bet short films would have to fight for their own enfranchisement, and I am suffering for a lack of a better word]

It is probably genetic. My mom loves short films, and my dad likes cartoon a lot, especially the Droopy ones.

Also I probably enjoy them so much because short films tend to be poignant, sweet, and well, tear-jerking. and I love a good catharsis.

Last January/February, sometime between the Oscar Nominations were released and the Oscar’s happened [HUGH JACKMAN!] I had the opportunity to see the five nominated animated short films, as well as other celebrated short animated films from that year.

This wasn’t an entirely noble plan. I am very competitive when it comes to Oscar Pools. When I was little, my dad usually won, as he works on a newspaper and read a lot more about the movies [plus saw more of them] but ever since I was all of 15, I’ve done extensive research is all categories. So the ones we usually just guess at,[Best Sound Mixing anyone?] I could get. So right now I have a threepeat going.

Another one of my goals is to see every best nominated picture before the awards show, and then the more complicated goal of seeing every picture in theaters during its original release. I haven’t achieved the first one yet, so I’ll get there first, though it will be hard this year considering there are going to be 10 nominated films!

I am slowly improving my stats, in 2007 I saw Juno in theaters, and in 2008 I saw Slumdog [winner!] and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
I also saw Chicago in theaters in 2002, but that was pure chance because I never miss musicals. I wasn’t going to see it because of the competitive edge.

Back to the origin of the post. I love short films.
I thought I would post some of my favorites.
The Dot and the Line-A Romance in Lower Mathematics
John and Karen
Lavatory Lovestory

The 1st is a classic, the 2nd I saw when I saw all the short films from 2008, but it wasn’t nominated, and the 3rd, I wanted to win, but I didn’t pick it because I knew the one that did win was better.

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